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Here’s how IVR helps improve customer engagement

Here’s how IVR helps improve customer engagement

IVR has become an integral part of the call operation systems. It automates customer communication in inbound and outbound calls with pre-recorded messages and Text-to-Speech software. So, what is IVR, why it has become so popular, and how does it improve customer engagement. Let’s discuss this omnipresent technology and its key benefit for businesses.

What is IVR?

You must have heard a pre-recorded message when you call a business that provides options to choose a particular menu or give a choice to connect with the company representative. This technology with menus and submenus that direct and guide the customers to know the option to resolve their queries is termed IVR- Interactive Voice Response. It; contains multi-level menus that assist customers in getting a quick resolution to their questions. Businesses are adopting the technology quickly because if it has various benefits, all combine to provide better customer engagement and CX.

How does the IVR improve Customer Engagement? 

  • Keep pace with the customers’ requirements.

Customers’ demands are evolving fast, and businesses need to keep pace with the customer’s requirements. The IVR number triggers a rapid iteration process which ensures a higher number of leads. With a better customer experience, businesses can build a loyal customer base.

  • Expert Query resolution

The IVR system is embedded with several menus and submenus and allows customers to choose a menu that represents the solutions that will fulfill the purpose of their calling. The multi-level IVR will help customers easily navigate the menu and select an option that will immediately answer their questions. They can also choose to speak with the company’s representative and get expert assistance in solving their queries.

  • Manage Large call volumes

Quick connectivity and reduced call wait time are crucial factors that help a business improve customer experience and provide better customer engagement. The IVR number enables handling the peak load efficiently by connecting to a large number of customers simultaneously via the multi-level IVR. Customers need not wait for an extended period before connecting with the company.

  • Personalised Experience

A business can ensure better customer engagement by providing personalised customer experiences. The IVR system offers welcome greetings with customer names and predicts the call’s purpose.

  • Multi-lingual Support

Improved customer service and better customer engagement can be assured by communicating in the local, regional language of the customers’. Well begun is half done, and when customer support is provided in the customers’ preferred language, it paves the road to better customer engagement. It increases customer satisfaction. The IVR service offers multilingual support to customers with customised English, Hindi, and regional custom messages.

  • Call Recording

The IVR system facilitates the recording of the calls, which provides businesses with valuable data that offers insight into the efficiency of the call operations and the agents’ productivity. Companies can provide appropriate training to them based on the data insights. A company will also learn about the customers’ preferences which will help to provide better customer engagement.

  • Call Routing

The IVR service optimises the call routes and quickly connects the callers to the agents. Companies can improve agent productivity by automatically connecting them to the customers’. Customer support is also improved with faster connectivity.

  • Customisable menu

Businesses can offer better customer support by understanding what the customers want and expect when connecting with them. Companies can customise the IVR service menu by making changes in the call flow with a menu categorised along with several sub-menu options. It will help customers navigate the menu effortlessly and resolve their queries quickly.


 IVR is changing the way businesses interact with their customers. The technology has put an efficient and highly organised communication system in place to provide better customer engagement. Several cloud telephony companies are providing the software at competitive prices. Knowlarity is one the most popular cloud communication providers that offers the IVR service at a budget-friendly process. So, if you are a small or medium business, the company provides an excellent opportunity to improve customer support service and maximise profitability at a nominal fee. Large-scale companies can benefit from the company’s high-quality software, technology, and expertise that has served more than 6000 organisations in 65+ countries. Businesses can call 1800-1020-340 to book a free trial or demo and talk to the experts to get the IVR number at the best prices.

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