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Hollow Breast Sex Dolls and The Difference With Hard Breast

Choosing a sex doll for you can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of options and beauties. We boast over a hundred different types of love dolls for you to choose from. Once you find the one you want, we also have limitless customizations and upgrades to add to your doll. This article will be helpful and help you decide what type of breasts you want your doll to have.

Three kinds of love doll breasts

  1. Standard firm chest
  2. Hollow chest
  3. Breast


Their description, advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

Standard hard chest

They are quite easy to understand and explain. They are made of solid TPE or silicone materials, and it doesn’t matter what material your doll is made of. They are always firm, resilient and perky. However, they are soft and bouncy, which is to be expected from a high quality material, be it TPE or silicone. This option is common for those who are not so picky about breasts or want to save money on upgrades. Standard breasts are realistic and not worth upgrading.


It does not require additional upgrade costs, they are reliable and fun.


They are resilient, but not as resilient as the other option.

Firm breasts

Hollow chest

Hollow chest

These options are best for people who prefer their doll breasts to be as soft and light as possible. As the name suggests, they are not filled with air, but filled with solid TPE or gel. This makes the chest so light and firm. These breasts will bounce easily and you will be able to grab them. The upgrade costs a small amount compared to the standard chest option, but at the same time it fully justifies its cost.


They are inflatable so

Soft and fluffy


You need additional expenses to upgrade the standard chest.

Not as airy or fun as other options

Gel chest

This is by far the best and also the most realistic option when it comes to choosing breasts for your love doll. They feel nicer than gel and standard breasts, are much softer than standard breasts, and firmer than hollow breasts. The gel breast option is the perfect balance between the others, and it has a feel as close to a real human breast as possible. It is specifically designed to behave and feel like human fat, making it perfect and realistic. This is an extremely worthy upgrade if you want to have more realistic and lifelike love doll breasts.

Below are videos demonstrating the feel and movement of gel breasts.


They are a real option

Perfect balance between standard and hollow chest


This is the most expensive breast option

Firm chest vs. hollow chest

The size of the doll determines the amount of TPE or silicone that will be filled with breasts, large love dolls will come with large breasts, which means that they must be filled with more TPE or silicone to make the breasts firmer. The use of hollow breasts can make the breasts softer and greatly reduce the weight of the sex doll.

While for small dolls it’s not very noticeable when a hollow or solid chest is used, so small dolls usually don’t have a hollow chest option.

The use of TPE or silicone also depends on the material the doll is made from. If the breasts are made of softer TPE material or silicone, then the doll will end up being hard and very soft.

Long-term use of hollow breasts is known to cause deformity. Solid dolls are preferred by buyers and are sufficient for their daily use.

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