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How do IB programmes prepare students for life?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international education programme that is designed to create a better world through education. It has been widely incorporated in over 158 countries by 5300.

But let’s understand how IB prepares students for life?

IB programmes prepare students in many ways

 It offers academic breadth and depth

As per UK’s Higher Education Statistics, IB graduates are more likely to be enrolled at one of the top 20 higher education institutions.

That’s because students have knowledge of studying six different subjects which also has 240 studying hours in each subject at a Higher Level and 150 studying hours at Standard level. Such rigorous programs from Top International Schools in Singapore

open up the perspective of students and broaden their knowledge level.

IBDP does not focus on just Academics

From 3 core components,  CAS is one such coursework where students are required to carry out various activities (Creativity, Action, Service) which encourages experiential learning.  Activities that improve personal or community growth, for eg: finding solutions to community common issues. It develops personal and social responsibility. It helps students to know different perspectives,  become active and caring members of local and national communities and learn to work in collaboration with others on global projects. 

Help in becoming Independent learners and gain various skills

Every IB programmes graduate has to do independent research on topics and have to write a 4000-word essay in (EE) and 1600 word essay (TOK) which develops their independent research and excellent organizational skills. It also improves their cognitive skills, writing and communication skills. Plus they have to do the oral presentation where they can demonstrate their analytical skills.

Students become Global Minded

The diploma Programme from Top International Schools in Singapore is the perfect blend of local, national, international identity. Students learn to see the world from different cultural perspectives and learn multi-languages which help to have better understanding and communication with people from different backgrounds. It encourages students to become global-minded.

Students become critical thinkers

Students learn to analyze and look beyond the facts. They develop critical thinking skills and bring out solutions. Students learn to apply logic to any situation, explore new strategies, ideas, present arguments and defend their beliefs. They learn to question, reflect on what they know and present what they have learned.

Students learn Time management and Organizational Skills

A rigorous IB programme requires vital organizational and time management techniques in order to earn a diploma. Students develop good study habits, prioritize things, and are also able to do things they love.

IB Diploma Exam check Knowledge level of Students

In IB Diploma is conducted in finals where students’ knowledge level is checked rather than what they haven’t learned or can’t do. It helps to know students’ understanding of the concept and their overall growth and performance.


It prepares them for future employment

Through 2-year coursework, students develop various skills that are necessary for the 21st-century world. Creative and critical thinking, good organization skills, Time management, being global-minded, risk-takers, leadership and collaborative skills etc are qualities and skills required to be successful in life and career. IB Diploma graduates from Top International Schools in Singapore are considered to be all-arounder, capable individuals.

Highly Principled

IB Students are highly principled individuals who act with integrity and honesty, believe in equality and respect other individuals.

Other benefits of IB programmes

  • They have a higher chance of getting a Scholarship
  • They develop attitudes and habits that showcase emotional maturity,

responsibility and interpersonal skills.

  • The IB students know to voice their opinions and are confident of their original independent thinking.
  • IB is academically rigorous, stimulating, inspiring, challenging and rewarding. It helps them to use their fullest potential and excel.
  • IB from Top International Schools in Singapore enjoys a high recognition among universities globally 
  • The International Baccalaureate programme encourages students to become compassionate, lifelong learners.

Tips to choose IB Subject in Top International Schools in Singapore?

If you are applying for the IB Diploma Programme then tips would be beneficial for you in choosing subjects. Do check out!


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