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How Hard is Ib school Dubai International Baccalaureate Diploma?

Trying to decide what you should do for high school?

While researching for a program or course for high school which will prepare you for a successful future, you must have come across the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), a rigorous, worldwide renowned curriculum for students of 16-19 years old.

Taking this challenging program will be beneficial for college applications and for the entrance of top institutions for higher studies as they like to see that you have the capabilities of undergoing the most challenging academic courses and your dedication and efforts in completing courses with flying colours.

Taking the prestigious IB program from an Ib school in Dubai is the best choice but this program isn’t right for everyone; so learn all the details, subjects, assessments, its requirements and then choose wisely.

 The IBDP Overview

IBDP is a 2-year program for students ages 16- 19 years. IBDP focuses on how you learn. It gives students the experience of researching and writing essays.

It’s Intense

Students in order to become IB diploma graduates have to undertake a minimum of 6 subjects groups (Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts) out of which they need to opt for specialization in any 3-4 subjects (mean have to take choose Higher Level and rest of the subjects can be lower level).

Not only that in order to get a diploma, students also need to write an Extended Essay (EE) based on a self-directed research project that interests them from 6 core subjects in a 4,000-word.

They need to do an oral presentation and write a 1,600-word essay and indulge in Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) where they need to document a one month project to showcase their participation in various experiences such as Creativity (arts, and other experiences that involve creative thinking), Activity (physical action necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle), and Service (helping community).

They interlinked every subject you choose in IB with one another and TOK is the connecting string. So students who take IB Diploma definitely become all-rounders.

Indian High School Dubai Fees

If you are worried about Indian high school Dubai fees then do not fret as it is affordable, but if you still want to lower your burden, make sure to check the scholarship program that will surely help you get the desired course and get you the scholarship grants.

Choose Ib Diploma only if:-

  • You want a valuable diploma certificate acknowledged by most universities all over the world.
  • You are interested in your growth and development in a comprehensive way.
  • You love to explore things, gain knowledge from things around and love to do extracurricular activities.
  • You want to learn a new language and improve your main language skills
  • You love to see yourself in one of the IB communities where you will meet and know people from different parts of the world and learn more about their culture gaining global perspectives
  • You love to explore topics and issues from many different points of view.
  • You love to carry out projects, research, and write essays on different topics.
  • You are good at organization and time management skills or would love to improve them.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program uses both internal and external assessments of a student’s performance (final exams at the end of IB DP).

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program of Ib school Dubai Score

Grades provided to students for each subject are 7 to 1.

7 -Excellent performance

6 – Very good performance

5 – Good performance

4 – Satisfactory performance

3 – Mediocre performance

2 – Poor performance

1 – Very poor performance

Diploma Score = 45

(6 subjects x 7 scores + 3 scores for the EE and TOK).

In order to earn a diploma, students must secure 24 or above points. (EE and TOK) which are individually awarded that contribute to 3 additional points towards the final diploma score.

IB school Dubai Facts

  • The points for higher level and standard level subjects remain the same.
  • CAS is mandatory in order to get the diploma but does have points.
  • In order to earn A bilingual diploma, you need to secure a minimum score of  3 or higher in two languages from the (language and literature subject group) or from (individuals and societies).
  • Securing a 45 Score is difficult and is achieved by less than 1% of students and only 5% of candidates secure more than 40 scores
  • Indian high school Dubai fees are quite affordable compared to other International schools providing the same course.

Ask yourself questions such as:- 

Can I really handle these subjects and their difficulty level? 

If you’re confused, take help from teachers as they have a better idea of the subjects and the ease of learning.

Is there any other course that competes with IBDP that can help me to excel and showcase my academic skills and drive? 

Your school might have different courses, so explore those courses and compare which will be more beneficial for you.

Do my interests lie with the IB curriculum? Will it be beneficial for my future career? 

IB courses offer a limited range of subjects so check your career ambitions and see if it matches or choose the one that fits your future goals.

The Pros of the IB Program

  • IB is renowned worldwide by top institutions and recruiters
  • IB qualifications help to meet admissions requirements in top Institutions
  • It will help you to outshine others providing you with a competitive edge over others for being committed to challenging coursework.

Cons of the IB Program

  • It is available in selected renowned schools
  • The challenging course demands a tremendous workload
  • Succeeding in the IB program requires dedication, organization, and time management skills. If you lack these skills then you will struggle.
  • IB subjects are limited and do not include all the academic and career areas.


It’s hard and has loads of workload but it’s worth it. Keep in mind that your efforts and hard work will be rewarded. Whether you should take IB courses is ultimately your personal decision. If you want to learn, explore, and gain experience and knowledge along with the development of various skills for life then this program will set your future life. With utmost dedication, efficient use of time, and proper organization you can earn a diploma. But make sure that you get the detailed information, understand the workload, know your strengths and weaknesses, check out Indian high school Dubai fees and make a decision that suits you.


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