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How Many Pages Is 1000 Words While Writing Academic Paper

When students are given the assignments, some specific guidelines are associated with them. It is important for them to follow these guidelines while writing their paper. The one most important instruction that is given to the students is about the word count in the number of pages. When comes to writing, students often confuse and ask their teachers or mentors how many pages is 1000 words.

To clean their doubts some facts are revealed in this blog that helps you to understand the importance of word count in academic writing.


How Many Pages Is 1000 Words:  Factors Responsible For This

There are several factors responsible for answering the question of how long is a 1000 word essay. These factors are font size, font style, spacing, margin, etc. Let’s discuss these points in detail.


Font Style

When you write an academic paper the number of pages will depend upon the font style. Some style of fonts is big or small in appearance. For example, If you write font in ‘Arial’ or ‘Times new roman’, it will look large in first than the second. If you prepare the handwritten assignment it will depend on handwriting.


Font size

The size of the font will vary the number of pages for 1000 words. Commonly students are given the instruction to write the academic paper with a font size of 12 points and single spacing, the 1000 words will take 2-3 pages in writing.



Spacing between the lines is also an important factor to change the pages to 1000 words. Students are asked to use single line spacing that takes 2-3 pages for 1000 words. In case, if they use double spacing in their writing the number of pages will vary 4-5 for the same words.



Margin also plays a crucial role to determine how many pages is a 1000 word essay for academic writing. Setting up a 1- an inch margin on all sides of the page will take 2-3 pages for 1000 words in assignment writing. If you increase the margin the number of pages will also increase. The size of the margin depends on the instruction of using a referencing style like APA, MLA, etc.


Why Important To Note Word Count Limit Before Writing The Academic Paper

Academic assignments are often given with the specific instruction of word count that helps students to present the detail on the topic in a balanced way. The word count limit can be different like 800, 100, 1500, etc. Some type of assignment like dissertation consists of more word count from 10000 to 15000. Students should follow university instructions about the word count while writing papers.

The more word count displays the more information about the topic. Using proper word count help students make the outline of the assignment and include the instruction concisely. It helps the teacher to evaluate the students’ performance on the same criteria.



Thus, the affecting factors of ‘how many pages is 1000 words’ are clearly mentioned in the blog. You can analyze the pages before writing an academic paper.

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