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How Safe is it to Drive in Brooklyn New York?

Brooklyn, New York is one of the highest ranked U.S. cities to live, visit or have fun, but it’s not so heavily favorited for driving. Because the city is so unique, it has many challenging traffic hazards that could wreck an unsuspecting driver. Nevertheless, you can manage safely if you follow some of the borough’s unique driving dips. 

Know the route. Brooklyn streets are notorious for snaking in strange directions, renaming them midway through and having similar names that could flub up. You will drive safer if you are looking on the highway and not craning your neck to find a street sign.

Be on the lookout for cars that just stop and park right in front of you. Brooklyn drivers don’t necessarily look for a place to park. Instead, they like to stop in the middle of the road, turn on their hazard lights, and go shopping.

Expect surprises. In addition to the ones that double park out of nowhere, be on the lookout for cyclists, motorcycles, skaters, open spitting fire hydrants, dogs and children running randomly in the street.

Yielding at intersections. You have to yield to the vehicles that are already traveling through the intersection. Later, if you and another vehicle arrive at the same time, the one approaching from your right has priority. Or, if you are on opposite sides of the road, the vehicle that goes straight or turns right, never the one that turns left. However, in Brooklyn, it is very common for crossings without traffic lights to be four-way stops. That is, all vehicles approaching the intersection must come to a complete stop.

Call a Lawyer if an accident is unavoidable. Do not question who was at fault or if you need or don’t need medical attention. Call 9-1-1 right away and make sure that any passengers in your vehicle are safe. Brooklyn has a good ratio of hospitals per capita. 

Additional Tips and Warnings:

  • Expect bikes, scooters, skaters, dog, and children to move faster than your car stuck in traffic.
  • Pay special attention around the loop near the Grand Army Plaza, where traffic flows quickly and confusingly.
  • Part of 86th Street at Bensonhurst and New Utrecht Avenue are blessed with a train overhead. Don’t smash into the poles because they are relentless.
  • Don’t take the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway during rush hour.
  • Don’t take the Brooklyn Bridge during rush hour.
  • Don’t drive anywhere in Brooklyn during rush hour.

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