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How to apply for a Scholarship at Top Secondary Schools in Singapore


Scholarships are a way of recognition of students’ abilities and hard work which are paid through scholarship grants. Some are purely on a merit basis while some are to provide financial aid to needy students.

If you are applying for Top Secondary Schools in Singapore you have many scholarships offered by schools themselves. Plus you can apply to many other scholarships provided by International Community School Singapore, religious groups, and non-profit social organizations.

So how do you apply for such scholarships? Here are some tips that could help you in getting them.

Tips to apply for scholarships in top secondary schools in Singapore


Start your research as soon as possible as most of the school scholarships are granted before the school year starts. So know your deadlines.  Check various scholarships offered by schools from their website or you can even enquire individually through chat call or mail service. If you are applying for other local, national scholarships then you should check the community websites, etc.

Make sure to double-check the URLs and the authenticity as some of the websites are legitimate and you might land up being in trouble. The best would be to join the proper community group to gain information. Students who want to apply for scholarships can subscribe or join an International Community School Singapore for regular updates. You can even take the help of school counselors to pursue a scholarship program..

Check first what kinds of scholarships are available

Know your needs first and think why do you need this scholarship or how it can benefit you?.

Some scholarships are grant based and some are merit-based, so knowing your needs will help you to apply to the right scholarship. Check Top Secondary Schools in Singapore offering Scholarships and apply accordingly. Know your strength and weakness, check if some scholarship wants a special talent, trait as eligibility and then you can apply.

Read Terms and Conditions

Check the terms and conditions properly as some scholarships might cover the entire cost of your school year or some might award the percentage of whole year fees. Check all the eligibility criteria and other conditions so that you do not miss anything which can affect your chance of winning a scholarship. Fill out the application carefully, attach the related documents, double-check for errors if any and apply.

Know scholarship grant details

Check the details of the grant and banking details required along with the timeline so that you can follow up accordingly. As you do not want last-minute goof-up which might result in delay. You can reach out to the counseling team of the school in order to know what to expect when,

Note:- Check your existing scholarship if any or two or more scholarships at the same time can affect your other scholarship grants. Some schools provide one grant at a time so apply accordingly.

Top Secondary Schools in Singapore offer financial support to needy students who want to pursue their higher studies. There are many drop-outs due to financial issues and parents cannot support students’ higher education. In order to curb this problem of families and students, International Community School Singapore has introduced many such financial grant scholarships 

  • Global Citizen Scholarship
  • 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship
  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship
  • Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-cum-Means Scholarship
  • Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship

These scholarships are diverse,  it demands students eligibility in academics, sports, skills, extracurriculars and some are purely financial grants. They are open for all ages from different curriculums.


Know Your Committee

Every scholarship program has a committee of people or sponsors as they are the ones who would be reviewing your application, so knowing them would be beneficial for you. While applying for a Secondary School scholarship, know your International Community School Singapore. You can learn about them from the given website and get more information about what they are looking for in candidates and how you can fit into their picture. 

Avoid applying for too many scholarships at the same time.

Remember to refrain from applying to many scholarships at one time as it will divide your attention and focus. So concentrate on 1-2 applications to give your best.

Choose the scholarship that’s perfect for you and if it has less competition then better so that you have more chance of winning.


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