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How to apply for and obtain a loan online?

Applying for and obtaining a loan online is, to date, a really effective tool to increase available liquidity, make a dream come true, or consolidate your debt situation, to have a more sustainable installment and live with more peace of mind.

If you have been considering the possibility of applying for a loan on a digital platform for a while, but you do not know where to start, or you simply do not have sufficient confidence in the operators currently available, you can read this guide and gain a clearer idea of ​​the steps. to follow.

Applying for a loan online , if you rely on the right operator, can prove to be a real child’s play, with the certainty of counting on reliable and serious services , but also on advantageous and unparalleled interest rates on the market.

The first step to apply for an online loan

Don’t worry if you don’t have a PC, because you just need to access the platform with a device with an internet connection and, therefore, you can also use your tablet or smartphone. This means that you can apply for the loan proceed online from wherever you are: at home, in the office, on the beach and from the place where you are spending your vacation!

The procedure for applying and obtaining an online loan

To begin the loan request, it is necessary to select, from the home page, the wording Request your loan , and then What amount do you need? This is the first step to take for an online procedure, which requires a maximum of 5 minutes of your time, if you have all the data required by the system available.

At this point, you must indicate the professional category to which you belong and choose from those indicated, including INPS worker, Retired, Military, Self-employed, Parastatal employee and other sectors. Remember that, even if you are retired, you can apply for and obtain a loan online , as long as your age, at the end of the repayment period, does not exceed 89 years of age.

The following step concerns the indication, on your part, of your income and contractual data, to define more precisely the feasibility of the online loan request. The system requires the choice of the type of contract, open-ended or fixed-term, the monthly net income and the number of monthly payments received. The drop-down menu allows you to indicate monthly payments up to 15 and a net monthly income between a minimum of 650 euros and a maximum of 2000 euros.

It is necessary to specify that the feasibility of the loan request that you will forward will take into account the compatibility between the amount that can be financed and the monthly income received, also in relation to the age of the applicant and the presence of any other loans in progress. Only for pensioners it will not be necessary to specify the hiring date, which is required for all other categories of workers, including state and parastatal workers.

The last step foreseen in the online loan application procedure is the one concerning the insertion of your personal data, including name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and province of residence. It is advisable to pay attention to the correctness of all the data entered, because they will allow you not only a more fluid and efficient management of the online loan application process , but will allow operators to contact you promptly to provide you with the information necessary to complete the application.

Furthermore, you will receive the feasibility result via e-mail and for this it is essential to indicate an e-mail address that you currently use and to which you can have access without problems. By clicking on the consents indicated at the bottom and then on the Confirm button, you will have successfully sent your online loan request.

The outcome of the online loan request: how and when

The most important step, for the purpose of applying for your online loan , has been taken. Now you will only have to wait for the reply on the outcome of your request. In the event that you have requested a personal loan , finalized or not, within an hour you may already see the outcome of the application: it is really easy to request a loan online through the platform .

In the event that the agents in charge of managing your case find incomplete data or deem it necessary to contact you, they will be responsible for calling you at the address indicated in the request form. In all cases, you will notice a great professionalism and courtesy in the management of your application, right from the first contacts with the operators.

Find out how the realization of a long-term project or the realization of a dream can be within reach, thanks to the experience and reliability of those who have been operating in the credit sector for more than a decade.

Why apply for a loan online 

The simplicity in applying for an online loan , for different contractual categories, which include self-employed workers, public and private employees, but also retirees, is comparable to that of an online purchase. In a few steps, having your income data at your fingertips, you can find out the maximum amount that can be financed and the repayment times, which range from 24 to 120 months.

Do not miss a unique opportunity to carry out a project that has been postponed for too long, due to an unstable financial situation and many doubts about the future. Furthermore, thanks to the subsidized rate of 3.58% , you can save money on the monthly payment to be repaid, use the funds for other purchases or, simply, lead a slightly lighter everyday life, with the possibility of taking off some whim: a holiday , the study of children, a life project.

By submitting the online loan application on the site, you will discover a world of advantages, linked to the convenience of rates , made possible by the agreements stipulated with partners and the absence of management costs, which allows you to keep overheads low and to insure savings for the end customer.

Furthermore, you will be able to know the outcome of the application in a very short time, even within an hour; in this short time, your life could change dramatically, for the better and without additional worries. For over 10 years, credit professionals have been available to families, individuals and businesses, to offer ad hoc solutions and the lowest costs on the market, with constant satisfaction of customers throughout the territory.

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