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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

With time, medicine has become modern and more tech-oriented, leading to the establishment of a systematic process in all facets of the medical system. This process-oriented medical system created several sub-strata. The purpose of this was to eliminate the chances of errors and improve the quality of service. It resulted in the formation of the department of pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician is a role among many pharmacy careers available today. Pharmacy technicians directly interact with the patients by dispensing the prescribed medicines. They advise patients on the medicine dosage, medication timings, and the duration of prescribed drugs. In addition, the table below shows a few new areas where their roles fit.

Role Duties
Pharmaceutical Practice Administrative duties
Inventory Management Tracking medicine inventory
Insurance Co-ordination Getting insurance approved for medication
Medicine Compounding Supervisor Overseeing medicine standards and mixing


The demand for pharmacy careers is on the rise. Many career guidance organizations are encouraging students to take up this field. It has led to increased competition in this sector. For a pharmacist to be successful, they should be the very best in their work. To do so, a couple of skillsets are prerequisites. They are:

  1. Be Empathetic: A pharmacist will have to interact with the patients directly. It calls for an understanding and empathetic approach towards them. It should always be kept in mind before choosing a pharmacy career. A pharmacist may have to face a difficult situation, but it is paramount that the problem is dealt with calmly and in a caring manner.
  2. Delegate Responsibilities: It is an important skill set for any pharmacist. As previously mentioned, this role comes with a variety of duties. Hence, it is necessary to delegate the work to many people for a smooth workflow. It calls for a skill for delegating tasks to multiple people. It can be challenging at times due to a conflict of interest. But it should be tactfully handled without compromising the quality of tasks.
  3. Team Player: It is an extension of the previous point. While making decisions and delegating tasks, a pharmacist should approach it from a team member’s point of view. It will help everyone feel important. It is critical because an unhappy team member will have poor work output.
  4. Curtail Impulsive Behavior: Anyone hoping to take up a pharmacy career should always keep this in mind. A pharmacist should never respond in a reactionary manner to a situation. There can be incidents that could trigger anger or despair. But it should be kept in check and dealt with in a calm and composed manner.
  5. Be Prepared For The Worst: This quality is essential for any career. All career guidance counselors advise their students to be ready for a worst-case scenario. We cannot foresee this, but if something does go wrong, we should be prepared and handle it in the best possible way.

These are a few tips that can help in boosting a pharmacy career. It is indeed a field with a high value in terms of its social and moral commitment.

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