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How to choose a seo web Company: what is the brief for?

Choosing a quality SEO Web Company – also called SEO Company – can quickly become an obstacle course. The digital Company industry is highly competitive. The rates displayed range from simple to triple, and, to top it off, you do not understand anything about the services offered by this type of expert.

In this context, a few habits and customs have been put in place, starting with the brief. The brief is a document presenting your Company and your needs, which you send to the Web SEO Company so that it can establish a personalized quote for you.

The leader’s blog explains the content to mention in your brief and how you can use this basis to assess the quality of the SEO Web Company that is in front of you.

A web seo Company, what is it for?

The Web Company SEO – referencing Company – is used to optimize your website on search engines, that is to say to make you visible on the Web to your potential customers. Not easy when thousands of companies are trying to acquire the first place on Google on relatively mundane keywords.

For example, imagine yourself being a plumber in Strasbourg. The challenge is to be seen on the Internet by potential customers and they will write “plumber Strasbourg” in a search engine to find their expert. How many plumbing companies try to come in first place in the results of this query? The SEO marketing company intervenes at this level.

It offers you the implementation of a global strategy based on several levers: purchase of keywords, optimization of the website for better natural referencing, purchase of customer databases (cookies) according to the profile of your target.

The more the web Company understands what you do and where you want to go, the more it will be able to offer you a coherent strategy at a fair price  (if the Company does not realize the magnitude of the task in your sector of activity). Activity, it will not be able to provide you with fair prices).

The brief to provide to the web seo Company: what plan

To start on a good basis, it is common to provide what is called a brief to the Web SEO Company. From there, it will offer you a strategy and a quote.

Your activity and analysis of the existing

By way of introduction to your brief, you will obviously have to describe your Company’s activity, its different branches if applicable and your pricing method (Internet sales, in-store sales, commission for connection if you manage a platform or a marketplace, for example).


For the web Company to understand your current SEO level, you will also need to detail your current marketing department:

  • Number of people dedicated to the web optimization mission
  • Tools and technologies currently used (CMS, Internet host, etc.)
  • Investments already made (paid referencing, purchase of tools, etc.)
  • Strategy currently in place and results obtained or in the process of being obtained

The tools of Web optimization and the investments made include your social networks and possible budgets committed to communicate. Do not hesitate to mention your Facebook campaign that worked best, for example, by mentioning the product/service or theme of the campaign, its committed budget, the duration of the campaign, the target and the keywords used. Before Ditto, why not, with the campaign that worked the least well.

Your target customers

For an estimate adapted to your expectations (and quality services), the Web Company must understand who your target clientele is. Ideally, you will have to provide it with the queries of Internet users on which it seems essential to appear on the first page   – hear the phrases or keywords that Internet users will formulate on a search engine and which will allow them to find you on the Web. For more information visit

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