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How To Choose The Right Sex Doll?

The sex doll is an accessory used for erotic pleasure. Popularized in series like Married, two children or Boston Justice, it comes in two models: male and female. And as you might expect, the female model is the most fashionable. It is used by men to satisfy their various sexual fantasies.

The criteria for choosing the right sex doll

Doll There are different types of sex dolls. From inflatable dolls to humanoids to mini sex doll

The choice of one or the other depends on everyone’s taste.

However, it is not only a question of opting for this or that type of doll. Many other criteria must be taken into account. Among these are the individual pleasure, the size of the doll, its weight, but also its price.


Sex gives a lot of pleasure. But there are several reasons why a man may order a sex doll. Most of the time, it’s about living out fantasies that you can’t share with your partner.

The sex doll lends itself well to this game. But other reasons such as shyness, fear of approaching the opposite sex or even an environment devoid of women can push a man to order a doll.

To have fun, however, you have to know how to choose the right type of sex doll. So, a person who just wants to feel a foreign body next to them can opt for a basic inflatable sex doll.

Equipped with an orifice (the vagina among others), the latter generally does not have a masturbator.

On the contrary, a person who desires real coitus will opt for models of sex dolls offering him the maximum of pleasure. Luxury inflatable dolls and molded dolls offer its advantages well.

They are indeed equipped not only with a masturbator, but also with a vibrator. With its accessories, the sexual act is a part of intense pleasure. Models are for example able to offer a part of sucking or blowing to their owner.

Advanced models like humanoids talk, moan, etc. for the greatest happiness of a man who dreams only of fantasies. Overall, the type of doll is therefore chosen according to the fantasies to which one wishes to indulge.

The size and weight

In the sex doll market, you have to distinguish several sizes. Small dolls whose height oscillates between 65 cm and 100 cm, medium dolls whose height oscillates between 125 and 140 cm and large dolls who are equal to or greater than 160 cm.


Small sex dolls have the advantage of being lighter (between 5 and 10 kg). They are perfect for people who are short or suffer from low back pain and other back problems. However, they have the disadvantage of being less practical. They usually have only one hole and offer little choice in terms of their wardrobe.

Medium sex dolls are suitable for everyone (including short people). Measuring between 125 and 140 cm, their weight varies between 20 and 25 kg. They are perfect for bonds that go beyond sex. As such, take a look at the bottom of the article to discover our range of the most beautiful dolls on the market. You will find models of very interesting medium-sized dolls there.

Large sex dolls are the most successful models on the market. They can play the role of companion with a lonely man, but are also real sex bombs.

Better than average-sized dolls, these accessories offer complicity analogous to a real-life companion. With them, you spend good moments of shooting and many other pleasures of couple.

The price of the doll

There are no standard prices for sex dolls. They vary depending on the type chosen. The cheapest dolls on the market are inflatable dolls.

The most expensive are the humanoids. But these are very rare. Generally, most people looking for finished sex dolls set their sights on the molded doll. This one is very expensive, it costs around 7,000 euros.


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