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How to Clean Prescription Safety Glasses?

If you work in auto repair, laboratory, construction site, manufacturing, or even as an athlete, you would know how essential prescription safety glasses are while working to protect the eyes. Such workers or athletes require to invest a good amount to get the best quality of protective eyewear to protect their eyes.

But this is not all. You must also learn to clean your glasses properly, ensuring their long-lasting use and optimum outcome. So, always try to maintain your safety glasses.

Tips to Clean Prescription Safety Glasses

  • Maintenance Care

You will need to check your lens daily to ensure the vision is proper and uncompromising. If you have dirty lenses, this will reduce vision, and if your lenses have severe scratches, it will lead them to crack and break. Severe scratches on lenses can be due to the harsh clothes you use to clean them or from excessive pressure applied while cleaning the lenses of your glasses. 

The safety glasses with headbands may increase the probability of sustaining eye injury to their wearer if they have been soaked in sweat, lost their grip, or worn out because of excessive usage. If you notice that your protective eyewear has lost its elasticity, you must stop using them unless you want them to fall out while you are working, and you might get injured. 

So, always be careful and check if your prescription safety glasses are in good condition. If you want to learn the proper steps to clean your safety glasses to make them last longer, this article will help you. 

  • Dust Off Dirt and Debris From Eyewear

If the eyewear has passed the first inspection, you must know the perfect way to clean safety glasses, starting with dusting away dirt and debris on their surface. The wearer may rinse it with a cleaning solution or underwater. It is preferred to use cleaning solutions as they are designed to clean lenses.

Usually, employers provide their employees with a cleaning solution, but in an athlete’s case, they must buy them. For example, if you are a motorcyclist, you will need a cleaning solution to clean your goggles and dry the lenses; it is preferred to use a microfiber cloth. 

Microfiber cloths are not harsh on lenses and remove any streak and residue of the cleaning solution. If you use ordinary cotton cloth, you will notice after some time that it will produce scratches on the lens surface. It is recommended to get good quality lenses, and you can get RX safety glasses as they provide superior quality safety glasses.

  • Use Lukewarm Water to Rinse Safety Eyewear

You must always use lukewarm water to clean safety glasses. You may either place the Eyewear under running water or submerge it in the lukewarm water. This process also helps clean any leftover dust and debris from the eyewear frames and the lenses. 

You may even use the purified water at room temperature if your sink water is unsafe to drink. This will be an excellent way to clean off the dust from your protective glasses. You can get to RX Safety USA as they provide their customers with unique protective sunglasses.

  • Using a Toothbrush to Clean Frames

If you want to clean the frames, then it is suggested to use a clean toothbrush with soft bristles as the stiff bristles may scratch the surface of your protective eyewear. Avoid applying too much pressure while cleaning with a brush, as it may also lead to scratches. Avoid using a shirt, paper towel, facial tissue, or shop rag to wipe or clean your glasses. 

Even though you may feel like the material is too soft to touch and might not scratch the lenses, they still contain coarse fibres that may graze on the lenses. These materials may also have trances of detergents, dirt, or fabric softener and using them may damage the eyewear.

  • Microfiber Bag to Clean Lenses

Here’s one more step to ensure the safety of your protective eyewear. You can use the microfiber bag, and to clean the glasses, you may use the inside of the bag as the outer side of the bag with time, collecting debris and other impurities. So, it is recommended to use the inside of the microfiber bag. 

Also, to ensure that the microfiber bag does not collect dirt or debris and is safe on your eyewear, you must clean it regularly. Invest in more than one microfiber cloth or other such things to wipe your lenses if you can. 

You can use this cleaning cloth and the cleaning solution, as if you use it without solution, it may give scratches to your glasses. In addition, you must check the proper instructions to use safety glasses. The manufacturer might have mentioned other, more specific methods to clean your protective eyewear. 

  • Keep Your Protective Glasses in the Glass Case

After you have used your safety sunglasses, it is advised to keep them in a glass case that is provided with the safety glasses. If you follow this step, then it will protect the safety sunglasses from getting scratched. You may even store them in a microfiber bag or eyeglass case. Ensure that the case has a rugged exterior. If you don’t have a microfiber bag or eyewear case, you can use a plastic envelope, bag, box, or dust proof container. This also served as a protective case for your glasses. 

If you are going to store your protective sunglasses in an eyewear case, make sure they are clean beforehand. The same steps can be applied to prescription safety glasses. You must establish a cleaning routine after every work day or after you are done using your protective sunglasses. 

Many wear protective sunglasses like carpenters, hunters, motorcyclists, golfers, machinists, and anglers. It is significant for the safety sunglasses wearer to know their proper care, or they will have to change their glasses frequently, which may cost them a lot of money. 

If you want to buy some things for the proper cleaning and maintenance of your prescription safety glasses, then you can visit the RX Safety USA website. They provide dry anti-fog cloth, safety cases, cleaning cloth, anti-fog lens cleaner spray, and more. If you use all such things and follow the steps for good maintenance of prescription safety glasses, then there are chances that your safety glasses will last longer than expected.

Bottom line

Above listed  six steps to keep in mind to ensure proper care of your prescription Safety glasses and make them last longer. All these steps need to be followed regularly. So now that you have learnt these, start using them too.

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