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How to Design and Make Your Own T-Shirt (Professional)

In the 21st century, people are looking for ways and means to explain. Many people use clothing as a tool. More precisely, a t-shirt to express your most popular personality. But there are times when you do not like designer clothes and it is very easy to learn how to design your shirt. Howeve, the difficulty of designing and making a shirt at home with professional tools and materials is very expensive and people have to spend a lot of money to make a shirt. But if you still believe that you have earned more than money, here is a t-shirt you can make.

Before we start making shirts, you need some tools.

These are some heavy duty loads, so I suggest borrowing from a company or going to your local school to get and use them. You will need a monitor, a printer, an emulsion camera, an emulsion, amber light (or ruby ​​light), a clear viewing device, your favorite picture on your shirt squeegees, bikes, and I, putt removal. The soil is easy to remove. The first step is to select the face you want. When printing a shirt for the first time on a printer, first try to go through a process that is easy to get an impression on the fabric. Insert the squeegee into the emulsion; cover both sides of the screen with the emulsion and place in the emulsion chamber throughout the day. Be careful not to wear this on your clothes or the emulsion will leak.

 When the emulsion coated surface is still dry

, locate the shape of your choice with amber light (or jubilate) and cut the shape, but do not put too much pressure to cut the acetate into amber / jubilate. Then, when the emulsion dries, take the screen and apply it to your foundation screen and light it on the screen with a light emitting device. Now you see the pattern you want to wear on your shirt. Next, apply glue to your 셔츠룸 sleeves (you only need a little to make the shirt fit) and put a clean shirt (any color) on your shirt sleeve to make sure it fits. Mother. The screen should have a part of the printer that can be locked to a shirt sleeve.

Now decide what color to wear on your shirt.

Again, you can choose the colors. If you are using a large screen printer, you will need to create screens of the same shape and give each one the same color. Now find the location you want to insert and move the screen to the top. Slowly select the color you are using (no color will work. You must go out and buy color to print the t-shirt) at the top of the screen. Hold the squeegee and when you press the squeegee hard and drag the squeegee to the screen the color will appear on the screen. Double click on the screen to make sure an area of ​​shapes and colors is covered. Take the screen and hold the bike and put it on the shirt. Use this method to remove the paint from the shirt and allow it to dry quickly. Leave the shirt on for 10 to 20 seconds. After a while your shirt starts to burn.

 Wear your shirt for about 1 to 3 minutes

. Thanks! All you have to do is print your own shirt. Now you can start experimenting with intricate designs and make shirts that you can make for free without spending a lot of money. is a community resource for all users. There are a variety of lessons in more than 14 chapters. We welcome our customers to join the Education TV Community, so they can help us develop and customize the TV education experience to meet the needs of our community. Gather together when posting videos and share your stories and knowledge. Many courses are in different stages. Sharing lessons is a great way to connect with the community and increase understanding. All topics are carefully selected and carefully edited to present the best video possible.

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