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How to learn the art of calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It’s a slightly different art form. This is because there are “rules” when creating character shapes known as “hands” or Los Angeles engraver styles. In computer terminology, these styles are called “fonts”.

To create a certain form of letter, you need to look at the letter carefully.

The most important thing is to find an example of the typeface created by this master of calligraphy. Most people know how to write, so it might be wrong to learn from someone who doesn’t know the historical practices of handwriting. It’s like trying to become a professional photographer from someone who just takes pictures with a mobile phone! By learning from Script Master, you will gain excellent skills in creating beautiful characters and designs.

One of the main characteristics of calligraphy that you learn is that the letters that come from the corner of the square end have thick and thin parts. It is part of a pencil of various sizes that is impregnated with ink or paint. If you have a pen when writing a letter, turn it to the corner. In copperplate calligraphy, pressure is applied to the tip of the pen as you write to create thick and thin parts of the letters.

Consistency is the most important feature – whenever you learn height,

Width, italics, lines, branches and other parts, you can write like this! It is there to study, observe and practice. You need to learn pencils. Hold it at right angles to the pen and push down (don’t push down too hard. The ink won’t flow!) How much ink did you put in the pen? Also, when you learn to make letters, you need to learn about ink types and colors, paper, paper organization, proper spacing, etc.

Please don’t rush. Time consuming.

This is how professionals know their tools – carpenters use saws, plastic surgeons use sutures, and tennis player’s use rackets! It takes hours and eventually years to become a consistent master.

The last part of my research is the art of calligraphy. Writing good letters and documents requires a certain talent. Visit calligraphy guild websites, such as the New York Society of Scribes. Check out work from top calligraphers like John Stevens Designs, Eleanor Winters and Joanne Fink. There is a great piece of art! No matter how much time you practice, not everyone’s best situation. You need skills and talent.

But if you just want to make good handwriting or improve your pen, give it a try! You can contact me to review the writing form in the online class – critique my work, improve my writing and give me advice on how to learn the art of Truly Madly Ink Calligraphy & On-Site Engraving.

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