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How To Make Instant Hakka Noodles

In this recipe, I have used fresh purple yam slices along with carrot juliennes and have cooked them in a special sauce of Indian spices and sauces. I have also added some capsicum to make it colourful and tasty. The spiciness could be reduced if you like by reducing or removing the red chillies from the hakka noodles recipe ingredients. You might also like to try this hakka noodles recipe – veg mee goreng which is a delicious stir fried chinese noodles recipe made in the similar way.

Hakka noodles is a popular street food in India. Vegetarian hakka noodles have been our family’s favourite dish for a long time. It is easy to prepare and takes a minimum 10 minutes plus the time taken to cook the veggies. If you play with spices, you can give this simple recipe an oriental flavor. If you want to make hakka types of noodles in India  spicy and hot, just add a generous pinch of red chilli powder, I always do that! If a chilled soup is what you need then you can try tomato soup recipe or tomato soup curry.

In this humble blog post, I am going to share my experience of making hakka noodles at home. A few months back I bought a packet of vegetable hakka noodles from a local grocery store that I was really impressed with. Fresh pasta with a good amount of veggies and freshness can be made easily using the readily available dried pasta or even the ones sold in the supermarkets.

Cabbage Noodles with Carrot, Bean and Garlic Chutney Cabbage gives a good flavor in this dish. I use my mandoline slicer for shred cabbage in no time. For carrots, I first use a julienne grater (not usual grater) to get strips. Hold the carrot lengthwise to get long strips. Stack these and cut as needed. You can cut beans into diagonals, because chopping into them is too mainstream, haha.

Cabbage and carrot galouti kebabs are tasty and aromatic appetizers. These kebabs give a warmth to your tummy which is great for winters. I am sure you all will love these too.

Boil the noodles in water and salt till they are soft. Drain and rinse under cold water. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard, urad dal, fenugreek seeds, red chili. Add sauteed onion-ginger-garlic to this.

The secret to the smoky flavor is the presence of “Stove Top Smoker” in the woks that they use in restaurants. To get the exact smokey flavor at home, turn on the Stove Top smoker and toss all the ingredients in it. It will give you a perfect smoky flavor.

Noodle making machine with vegetables is a popular recipe that is often served in Indian homes. This recipe comes from my Mother’s adobe. I grew up eating this noodle mixed with vegetables and want to share this with you all. I love the deep smoky flavor that is imparted due to the way it is cooked .I will share how I make it at home here, and hope you will try it out soon.

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