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How to maximize ROI on Your Hospital’s Digital Marketing

Are you able to generate revenue higher than what you are spending on your digital marketing campaigns? Is your cost per acquisition more than what your patients spend on you? The hospital business is where you have to make sure that you are always reaching your audience at the right moment and making use of the opportunity to generate the highest revenue. 

You do not want to spend more on your campaigns and gain less out of them. Instead, make sure to segment and target your audience, track the right set of metrics, and keep optimizing your marketing campaigns to generate the maximum ROI from your hospital’s digital marketing

Below are a few techniques that, when applied, will help you achieve maximum ROI in your digital marketing campaigns for hospitals:

  • Segmenting your audience based on their purpose of visiting your website:

If your campaigns are targeted to the same chunk of audience altogether, that will not have high conversion rates. There are different types of visitors to a hospital website:

  1. New patients looking out for a particular treatment
  2. Existing patients wanting to connect to the hospital via the phone number or email id
  3. Patients wishing to book an appointment on your website
  4. Job Seekers who want to apply for a job on your website

It is pretty clear that the above audience segments have a different purposes. If metrics like bounce rate are measured aggregately, that will not fetch the correct result. For example, suppose a campaign focusing on ‘new types of treatment available, target the whole audience. 

In that case, it will have a higher bounce rate for existing patients who might want to contact the hospital and not lookout for any additional treatment. Hence, metrics like bounce rate, click-through rate, and conversions should be measured separately, and advertisement campaigns should also be run separately for different audience segments. 

Moreover, the cost per acquisition should be calculated by taking only the new patients. That will help track the ROI better when the CPA is compared against the hospital’s revenue from existing patients. 

  • Keep doing A/B Testing:

Campaigns run initially are never successful; one should always keep modifying them and comparing them to determine which campaign generates the highest numbers and leads to higher conversions and higher ROI. 

A/B testing should be done at the beginning of a campaign so that the best-performing campaigns can be run for a higher duration; this would give you less CPC and higher ROI. A/B Testing can be done by experimenting with your campaigns; you can either modify your audience segment to see which one is performing better or the placement of your advertisement. 

You can keep experimenting to see which of them is reaching the maximum number of the relevant audience. With little knowledge executing this task can lead to errors and loss in terms of cost and time. A dedicated healthcare digital marketing agency can make all this work easy and more effective for you.

  • Segmenting your audience geographically:

This is primarily in the case of renowned hospitals, which are known to people for providing a specialty treatment. Hence, if their marketing campaigns target audiences living in the same city and people in other geographical locations altogether, that would not give correct tracking results. Campaigns should be set up separately, targeting audiences living in different parts of the country. 

The target for such hospitals will be to acquire customers from different cities of the country, and hence metrics should be tracked in a way such that conversions count only the patients living in other cities and are not local. The purpose of running campaigns targeted at local audiences can focus on a different goal, such as regular health checkups or special discounts offered on some days of the week.

  • ‘Content is the King’- Optimize & Personalize your content:

Whether you are using Google Ads Email Marketing, or Social Media Marketing, if you show the same content to your entire audience, it will not be relevant to everyone. Customers now prefer personalized content, whether it is their pop-ups or customized emails that are not generic but solve their problems. 

For this, you need to identify your customer segment, their problems, and what kind of service they are looking for. Keep track of all these things and keep optimizing your content to reach the right set of audiences, leading to a higher conversion rate. 

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Sending personalized emails with a personalized subject line and showing relevant pop-ups will help your advertisement reach the people you want to and increase your cost per acquisition. These digital marketing strategies will prove to bring high returns from your efforts in digital marketing for your hospitals.


With the above strategies in use, you can improve and increase the ROI of digital marketing for your hospital. It is generally suggested that you hire a dedicated healthcare digital marketing agency for maximum return on your digital marketing efforts.

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