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How to pay the Capital One credit card?

If you have a Capital One Venture, Rewards, Quicksilver card, or any of its versions, continue reading. We will explain how to pay the Capital One credit card to continue enjoying its benefits.

A credit card is an excellent payment tool. Having one can make many things more accessible. In addition, the responsible use of a credit card is a good reference when building your credit history and score. However, you must be very punctual with payments to obtain these benefits.

How to pay the Capital One credit card?

Currently, there are several options to pay for your Capital One card. Payment can be made in person, online, by phone, by mail, through an ATM, and you can also use a mobile app.

How to Pay Capital One Credit Card: In Person

If you prefer, you can make the payment in person in cash in several places. For example, you can pay directly with cash at Capital One Bank branches, 7-Eleven, and Money Services counters at Kroger-brand stores. Payments can also be made at MoneyGram and Western Union offices, often located inside Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Money Tree. 

How to Pay Capital One Credit Card: ATMs

If you have a Capital One checking account, you can use one of the 39,000 ATMs free of charge to deposit cash or checks. Some of the places where you are likely to find Capital One ATMs are Target, Walgreens, and CVS. However, you can search online or call customer service to find other locations. 

You can use the ATM to deposit cash or checks to your Capital One checking account. Then use that money to pay your Capital One credit card bill online, by phone, or through the mobile app.

How to Pay Capital One Credit Card: Schedules

Payments from your Capital One credit card must be made before 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, to post the next day. The best thing to do (and take it as a rule) is not to wait until the due date to make your payment. If you wait until the last day, any setback would mean a late payment.

Places where you can pay the Capital One credit card

Capital One Bank 

You can pay your Capital One credit card bill at one of their branches. Please note that all Capital One locations are closed on Sundays and holidays. 

7-Eleven- PayNearMe 

This free app allows you to pay your Capital One credit card bill with cash at any 7-Eleven. Download the app, create an account and add your credit card account number. You’ll then see a barcode on your phone that any 7-Eleven cashier can scan to accept your payment. The fee is $1.99 for each bill paid, and you’ll be notified when the transaction is complete. Plus, you’ll get a receipt as proof of payment.

Money Services  

This is a service offered at Kroger-owned stores, including Fred Meyer, QFC, Fry’s, Ralphs, Dillon’s, City Market, Baker’s, and Smith’s, to name a few. You can pay your Capital One credit card account with cash or a debit card. Credit card payments will incur a fee (prices vary by location). Payments can be posted on the same day or in up to three business days, depending on the payment options available. 


Once you find a MoneyGram location near you, all you need is your account number and cash to make your payment. Please note that MoneyGram has its independent stores. Walmart and CVS Pharmacy are also some of their most common locations. Personal credit card payments through MoneyGram are cash only. There is also a charge of $0-$9.99, depending on your site.

Western Union 

You will need the biller’s name and account number to make your Capital One card payment at Western Union. Some branches accept debit cards and cash. Western Union’s most common locations are Walgreens, US Bank, and Kroger-owned stores, aside from its stores.

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