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How To Purchase A Smart LED TV With EMI If You Don’t Hold A Credit Card

TV is an integral part of every household’s daily life, especially after a long day of hard work. The men of the house like to watch sports, news, etc., whereas women love soap operas, kitchen shows, rom coms, etc. Even the kids love TV and like to watch cartoons and animal show channels. Most of us love watching TV and it feels like a theater experience. Hence, we look to purchase a large LED TV that offers visual beauty with great sound. 

Generally, smart LED TVs have options like connecting to Wi-Fi, playing Netflix or Amazon movies and series, listening to music, playing video games on a high-definition or virtual-reality screen, and taking entertainment to the next level. Generally, people use credit cards to buy big smart LED TVs either by paying full price or EMI. But if you don’t want to use credit cards or don’t have one, can’t you buy them? The short answer is yes. There are different methods to get EMI LED TV prices in the affordable range. Let’s discuss a few of those options here.

Buying Smart LED TV with EMI 

Smart LED TVs are available in a variety of sizes, prices, and configurations and are no longer considered a luxury item and unaffordable.  The main reason is EMI LED TV prices make it possible for most buyers to get their smart LED TV with a lower down payment, and they can repay the entire amount in manageable installments.  Some of the benefits of buying smart LED TV on EMI are,

  • It protects your swing as you don’t have to pay a lump sum amount in one go
  • It allows payment to be paid in chunks which will not burden your monthly expenses 
  • You can buy higher quality and priced LED TV, which is not possible with a single payment.

Ways to Buy Smart LED TVs on EMI without a Credit Card 

  • EMI Cards

A number of fintech institutions offer this type of EMI cards, which can be used for purchasing large gadgets like smart LED TV through EMI. These cards are linked to pre-approved personal loans that can be repaid in installments similar to traditional loans or credit cards. The interest rates are much lower compared to credit card EMI interest rates.  

  • Consumer Durable Loans

Many finance companies and major banks offer durable loans to their customers for large purchases, which can be used to buy your desired smart LED TV. By applying through an online submission form, we can easily get approval for making the purchase.

  • Debit Card 

Many finance companies and certain banks allow you to make a purchase with your debit card and get EMI LED TV price. But, to avail of this benefit, you have to maintain a sufficient balance in your banking account. Also, you need to make the purchase in shops that allow this type of transaction. Some lending firms also offer to cover your purchase if you use debit cards to make EMI payments.

Owning a smart LED TV with the latest features can enhance your viewing experience and give great entertainment to yourself and your family members. However, it is not mandatory to use or own a credit card to buy a smart LED TV. The three options above help you get EMI LED TV prices without using a credit card.

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