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How to run Facebook ads: A step-by-step guide to Facebook advertising in 2021

What would your ideal advertising tool be? Let’s imagine a little bit.(followers on facebook) The device you choose must be able to reach your target audience and help them grow. This tool must be intelligent enough to identify your potential customers based on their online habits, demographics, interests, and other characteristics. This magical app should optimize your marketing efforts and communicate your message so that viewers turn into buyers immediately.Click here

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Before we get into the steps and instructions, let’s first define Ads Manager. Facebook Ads Manager is a tool that allows you to manage, monitor, and create marketing campaigns. This tool will enable you to create customized reports about your ad’s performance and share these reports with other team members.

How to use Facebook Ads Manager and create ads?

You may be asking yourself how you can create an account on Facebook Ads Manager to start creating unique ads. Open the Facebook Ad Manager page. There are two options: either a quick or guided creation. This allows you to automate setting up the campaign’s parameters. Both ad sets can be created simultaneously.

It might seem overwhelming if this is your first time using Facebook Ads Manager. You will see four tabs:

  • Overview of Account
  • Campaigns
  • Ad sets
  • Advertisement

You can click around the tabs to see all the features available for simple and effective Facebook advertising. You can access reports, custom audiences and saved users by clicking the Ads Manager button in the upper left corner. To view all planning, creation and analysis tools, click “All Tools” at the bottom of the window. There are also settings for your account.

Open the “Campaigns tab and click on the “Create” button to create your first campaign. Facebook will help you navigate the process and provide valuable tips to assist you in the following steps. Our guide will make it easy to create your first campaign. Let’s get on with it.

Here are six simple steps to create and run a Facebook ad:how to get followers on facebook free

Step 1: Determine the goal 

  • Facebook Ads Manager can suggest several campaign objectives. 
  • Conversions – To bring people to your site.
  • To promote your brand, build brand awareness
  • Reach – To reach an audience
  • Messages – To communicate with customers
  • Lead generation – To turn users into clients

Plus! How do you choose the best one? Consider the best outcome you want for your campaign. Facebook has many ad formats that can be used depending on the objective. You can select the type of test you want to run for your campaign based on the goal. This will allow you to try things out and gain insights into how to improve and optimize strategies.

Now, let’s get to the creation!

Step 2: Select the campaign name

Although it may seem simple to give your campaign a name, you should pay attention to this step, especially if there are multiple campaigns you plan on leading on Facebook. This will allow you to organize them and provide transparent reporting.

You won’t be confused later if you add meaningful information to your name. You can add details such as the customer’s name, address, audience, type, and type of ad to your brand or one for customers.

Step #3: Specify your target audience

Facebook makes it easy to target the right audience based on their type. First, you must decide whether to target a new and previously saved audience. Facebook will allow you to measure your audience, target demographics, and more. This data will enable you to reach the most interested people with your products. The accuracy of your audience settings will significantly impact the final results of your campaign.

Step 4: Place an ad

Manual placement of ads is another tip to maximize the effectiveness of a Facebook advertisement. Facebook defaults to automatic posts. This is less precise but still optimized for your campaign settings. To ensure that you get the best arrangement, edit it. Facebook does an excellent job with auto-placement, but you know your audience better. These are the most popular:

  • Desktop feed
  • Mobile feed
  • Audience network
  • Videos
  • Marketplace
  • Right column
  • Stories
  • Articles
  • Messenger
  • Banners

You can also share your content on Instagram. All options available for Instagram are the same as on Facebook (feed, stories and videos).Read more

Step #5: Decide your budget

You now need to choose the budget that is right for your campaign. There are two options:

1. Daily

This option allows Facebook to set a daily budget for ad delivery. The network may spend 25% more than what you have specified. This happens when high-potential opportunities arise. This is not a problem. Facebook optimizes your spending in this manner, which is a good thing.

2. Lifetime

If you select this option, Facebook will split the amount you invest over your campaign dates. To calculate your daily spending, the network will ask for information about your campaign dates.

Step 6: Create your ads

This step will allow you to set how your ads will appear on Facebook. You want your ads to look great, so choose the ad type you wish to use and add your photos + text. Next, we’ll be discussing Facebook ad types.

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