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How To Select the Best CBSE Board Schools in Pune?

Compared to the state board, the craze of getting kids enrolled in a Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE board schools in Pune has increased exponentially in parents. Currently, hundreds, if not thousands, of private and public schools across India have adopted the CBSE curriculum, meaning it isn’t hard for a parent to find one.

But, there is a problem with the increased number of CBSE board schools in Pune. It becomes challenging to choose one that suits our kid’s needs better.

If you are one of those parents who are finding themselves in the dilemma of which CBSE school to choose, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will list a few parameters of a good CBSE school that will make your search a little simplified and stress-free.

Parameters to check before admission into the CBSE board schools in Pune

1- Confirm and legitimate affiliation before school admissions in Pune

During your research period, you will come across a handful of CBSE schools that claim to be affiliated. But, be aware as these claims might only be some lame tactics to attract naïve parents and students.

It is best to double your research and be vigilant. Cross-check the claims made by the schools and be sure to check whether the school follows the required NCERT curriculum or not.

The CBSE affiliation must be legitimate.

2- Gain assessment information from other parents

As per the CBSE curriculum, the academic year is usually divided into two semesters. To grade the students, CBSE schools consider both formative assessment and summative assessment.

The school you wish to get your kid enrolled in must abide by a safe, honest and transparent assessment process. You can also speak with parents and students of the particular school to obtain a better idea before you proceed with your kid’s school admission in Pune.

3- Check for the second language option

CBSE schools are scattered across India. And similar to the state board, even the CBSE curriculum is required to offer second language education to kids based on the zones it is situated in. For instance, many CBSE schools in Maharashtra are required to make Marathi a compulsory second language from classes 1 to 10.

Talking about the other curriculum, everything is pretty much similar across every CBSE school in the country.

4- Consider the Pune’s CBSE board school’s overall reputation in the education industry

This is one of the important things to do before proceeding with your kid’s school admission in Pune.

Here are a few details you may want to consider while evaluating a school’s reputation:

  • Total functioning years of the school. (The bigger, the better)
  • People associated with running the school over the years.
  • The success of the alumni.
  • Schools’ work ethics, brand value and reputation of the teachers teaching in school.

5- School’s hand in your kid’s overall development 

Lastly, inspect whether the school will fit perfectly for your kid’s overall development. After all, the knowledge your kid gains in school will be reflected in his/her future, too.

Avoid schools that believe in the “all work no play” concept. A school must provide equal importance to education and other extra activities that help with the emotional. Physical and mental development of kids.

Check if the school has any extra co-curricular or sports activities that your kid can enjoy.

Even though CBSE schools encourage team-building activities and group discussion, it is important to ensure whether the school actually abides by these principles or not.

To be concluded

Even though finding the right CBSE school to proceed with your child’s school admissions in Pune is a challenging process, it isn’t impossible at all.

There may be hundreds and thousands of affiliated CBSE schools across Pune. But only a good CBSE school will qualify with all the parameters suggested above.

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