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How to sell your products and services internationally – 7 important steps to success!

Deciding to expand your product sales or business services internationally is a bold and exciting step. It seems exotic to think that locals and tourists are buying your products in places like Brazil, Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile. When you fly back from faraway cities like Tokyo, London, Athens and Cairo, a shopping bag full of unique items is enough to seek additional capital from the bank to make this dream come true. But before you commit to your new international strategy, I want to share with you some insights I gained from my extensive career in international trade and how you can expand your business globally without straining your capital.

Proper preparation,

Which includes a thorough understanding of the markets available and suitable for your product or  스포츠토토 사이트 , is essential? Below are some facts that can give you an insight into the world of global retail.

Brazil is the tenth largest economy in the world. São Paulo Brazil is the 19th richest city in the world and is poised to move up to 13th by 2020. Imagine what kind of product or service can be produced in such a market. Buenos Aires is the economic center of Argentina and its port is the third largest in South America Santiago Chile with its 6 million inhabitants produces 45% of the country’s GDP.

Chile has a model closest to the South American department store concept and understands the Big Box concept perfectly.

Cairo, Egypt is the largest city in Africa and also the largest Muslim city in the Middle East.

I have first-hand knowledge and understanding of the global retail market, so you don’t have to. To begin with, I have outlined the seven areas that I consider the most important in foreign trade.

Local culture and customs: Understanding a country’s culture, customs and specific business practices will make the difference between closing a deal and leaving empty-handed. International trade relations are built over time and are based on mutual respect and common interests. The fast-paced, multi-tasking approach common in the US is not as successful in the Middle East and South America. You can leave a business lunch in Saudi Arabia empty-handed because you eat with your left hand. Saudi Arabia is the only one that eats with the right hand because the left is considered dirty. Speaking the local language, knowing when to push, when to eat, when to call it a day, when to rest and when to shut down are nuances specific to each country that are learned over time.

Packaging: Packaging, product copy, images and displays must be culturally specific and appropriate for each country. It would be disappointing to build an entire product launch around a female celebrity only to find women on packaging in the Middle East.

 This is not accepted because women are highly respected and body parts are not exposed.

It is also important to make sure that the package is in the correct language and dialect. The Chinese pack wouldn’t work well if it was only in mandarins; It must also be in Cantonese. Make sure the graphic designer understands what colors are strong and acceptable in each country and region. In China, the color green is associated with “health, prosperity and harmony”, but the green hat is not marketed because it is associated with infidelity.

Logistics: Forwarders, delivery times, port authorities, peak delivery times, return logistics, reverse logistics due to customs and freight charges are just a few of the things you need to be an expert at to make sure you get your product. to the market as promised.

Regulations and Certifications: According to UL approval.

The loss of revenue due to the Saudi government seizing the entire shipment because it did not have the proper SASO approval can be catastrophic for any company when you ship your four-quarter product to Israel without the proper ISI certification. Shipment must be tracked.

Representation in the country: Representation in the country can be an important part of the success of your products. The agency you target and is associated with specific resellers can give you even more information, insight and detail about your product and its effectiveness. If someone is on the ground in the country, you can always help with training and product promotion to ensure their success.


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