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Ideas for Custom Frozen Food Boxes to Differentiate Your Business

Frozen food raises the bar for refrigerator storage, which is now the norm in most homes and restaurants. Even colder temperatures, between 0° and -40°, do not harm it. Thus, these special storage conditions necessitate special packing options. 

Covid-19 has, for the most part, brought about significant improvements in the food business. The virus has provided a chance for expansion for many food producers. Custom Frozen food boxes are one area that has grown particularly. The popularity of frozen foods has increased as a result of restaurant closures and a rise in the number of people working from home. These products include fruit and vegetable blends, as well as alternatives to fish, seafood, and meat. An increase in the demand for frozen food packaging is a direct outcome of this.

Flexible packaging is essential for keeping food products of high quality. Choosing the right type of packaging is crucial when it comes to frozen packaged meals.  Frozen food packaging boxes are created utilizing premium lamination films. They have barrier qualities that can protect the product from the freezer burn-causing oxidation and dehydration while keeping it.

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What is packaging for quality frozen foods?

Perhaps it would be beneficial to list the qualities you should look out for in frozen food packaging before we delve into the available possibilities. Temperature resistance – Some materials, like glass, would shatter at temperatures as low as 0° to 40°. Customers frequently choose to defrost these meals in ovens or microwaves, thus temperature-resistant temperatures that can handle both high and low temperatures would be excellent.

  • A durable seal

Food contamination, food spillage, and freezer burn could all arise from a broken seal. Refrigerators at stores and consumers’ homes must all be space-efficient. Therefore, it would be beneficial if your frozen food goods were portable.

  • Mouthwatering appeal

Most consumers would assume that if the food product’s packaging is unattractive, it will also be tasteless. Make an effort to choose the design that looks the most delicious. 

Upright Pouches

Additionally, they are small, which is fantastic for saving room. If you want people to notice your branding, this kind of pouch would be the best option. Provisions like a zip lock or a tear notch on preservation and pouch utility may be ideal. The tear notch, on the other side, would make it simpler to open.

High-Blockage Films

Thermoforming films are another name for high barrier films. In less technical terms, these films are dense enough to stop leaks and water from getting into the food and do not puncture readily. They are appropriate for packing frozen food since they remain functional and in good shape even at very low temperatures.

 The fact that these films are transparent and keep frozen food products in plain sight of customers is also advantageous for marketing. As a producer of custom frozen food boxes, this would be advantageous to you in two ways. Customers can see your food and assess its quality, which is impossible with opaque pouches or cartons. 

Some manufacturers choose to pair plastic trays with high barrier coatings. If you think it would improve the value of your product or the consumer experience, you could look into this. However, make sure that your brand and product labeling are visible with or without the supported rigid packaging.

Kraft Paper Containers

The majority of food producers and restaurants use high-density paper known as Kraft. 

  • Strong absorption
  • Hardiness; it resists tearing readily
  • Biodegradability

Some manufacturers of frozen foods are now utilizing Kraft paper’s trustworthy qualities to make it appropriate for wholesale custom frozen food boxes. They accomplish this by using cutting-edge technology to treat the paper and render it grease- and moisture-proof. 

Quadruple-seal bags

They are successful in effectively keeping frozen food products in part because of their all-around sealing. There is extremely little risk that there will be leaks or that the food will spill. Even when heavily loaded, the pouch is often relatively stable and manageable.

Attempt to find a high barrier, FDA-approved quad seal pouches. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about sealing, but a tear notch might enhance the customer experience.

The vast space for branding that quad seal packaging offers is another benefit. Some information worth having on the pouch includes eye-catching product visuals, nutritional information, manufacturing and expiration dates, as well as temperature recommendations.

Boxes of frozen foods

For many brands, they have been the go-to packaging option long before specialty Kraft paper or pouches became popular. Their benefits include

  • Simple to handle during distribution and storage
  • Microwaveable
  • Large capacity for storage

 Nevertheless, it is important to note that all frozen food boxes wholesale should have bespoke printing done utilizing long-lasting techniques. It would be unfortunate if refrigeration caused the branding quality to degrade.

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