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If you are looking to sell a property, a vendor advocate can make that process worry-free!

Whether you’re selling your first or tenth home, the process is never easy, and you’re probably dreading the prospect. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Working with a Vendor Advocate is one way to ensure you receive unbiased advice when selling your home. When selling a home, there are so many questions and decisions to make. Appointing a vendors advocate is a simple way to ensure that your interests are protected throughout the sales process.

A vendor advocate is ideal for sellers who live interstate or overseas, or for anyone who lacks the time or confidence to negotiate the terms of their home’s sale with a selling real estate agent. A Vendor Advocate is involved in all aspects of the sale, from advising on what to fix up in the home to showcasing the home in the best light to attending the photo shoot and selecting the best photos for use in the marketing campaign.

A vendor advocate will take the sting out of the selling process. They act as the “middle man” between the seller and the real estate agent, holding the seller’s hand throughout the process and ensuring that the selling agent is doing their client’s best interest. A vendor advocate must understand the complexities and requirements of real estate transactions and can advise on the best practices for selling a house to a buyer.

Being a vendor advocate entails more than just being an expert in the field; it also entails being an advocate for their clients. As a result, they must be well-versed in the various aspects of a transaction, the legalities involved, the marketing and communications that can occur between you and your potential buyers, and the legalities of a contract that will affect both the seller and the buyers. A skilled and experienced vendor advocate will ideally assist you in selling your property by:

  • Providing an unbiased assessment of the property’s value
  • Choosing the most suitable selling agent
  • Negotiating a reasonable and fair selling commission
  • Putting in place the most cost-effective marketing campaign
  • Using the most effective strategies on the day of the sale
  • Using a reputable and cost-effective conveyancing firm
  • Sprucing up the place for presentation, including rental furniture and any necessary maintenance

Selling your home or investment real estate property is not the same as, say, selling your car. Since selling your property is a much more complicated process, you must devote more time and effort to it, and because the process of selling your property involves several parties, including banks, real estate agents, conveyancing services and prospective buyers, you must find an advocate who is experienced in dealing with these various parties. It is entirely possible to find a qualified and capable vendor advocate to represent you in the sale of your property. A reputable service such as Wakelin Property Advisory can help you find a good vendor advocate. They can provide you with any service you require in order to carry out your real estate transactions. They have a team of skilled vendors advocate to help sell your property, as well as buyer agent if you are looking to purchase a new home, so they can cater to any and all real estate needs that you may have. 


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