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Important Benefits of Sending Your Child to Tokyo International School

Your choices concerning a child’s educational institutions will have a significant impact on determining their ideal professional path in the future. Hence, it is natural to worry about which school to enroll your child in. It is tough to determine which school would be a perfect fit for your child to grow and flourish as a parent. For such concerned parents, Tokyo International School is the ultimate solution. This institution started with just 5 students and now houses more than 360 students. Here are some of the school’s most important benefits.


Non-Profit School 

All the funding gathered by Tokyo International School (TIS) gets used for the school’s development. It also calls for everyone to donate to the TIS General Fund. Thus, it teaches your child to become a leader and a person with enough responsibility. The donation made to this fund helps improve the culture and learning environment already present at TIS. Not just that, this school actively takes part in the Carbon Control Program to improve environmental stability. 


Moderate Class Size 

The school has a tremendous student-teacher ratio where each class has a maximum of 20 students. The number of students studying in smaller classes is lower. This sizing has been developed to ensure enough support and care for each student without compromising the education quality and performance. This means your child gets personal attention in studies and also has enough students in the class to bond with.


EAL Program 

Tokyo International School provides English as Additional Language (EAL) to International students who may not be completely confident speaking English initially. Regular classes, resources, and extra support are provided to those students who need help improving their English. This is done to make sure that while the other students learn and develop their skills in Japanese, the international students get a better grip on English to understand various topics. Such a system also helps students interact freely and learn each other’s dialects. 


Cross-Referenced Curriculum 

The curriculum at Tokyo International School sticks to global academic standards. These include the USA Common Core, the Australian Curriculum, and the USA Core Arts. Their educational programs include the IB Primary Years Program and the Middle Years Program. This is because TIS is an International Baccalaureate World School and abides by these programs’ framework. The most notable factor about TIS is that it is one of the very few institutions that have been recognized as ‘project’ status schools by Columbia University and Teachers College.


Encourages Parental Involvement 

TIS is one of the few institutions that understand how important it is for parents to stay involved in their children’s education, learning, and growth. Such Involvement is encouraged by TIS in the form of Parent Volunteers. It even has a parents association called TIS Family Community or TFC. As members of this community, parents can arrange social events for the community as whole or fun events for the students or raise funds for causes like purchasing additional resources for the students. This welcoming group is always searching for new and innovative ideas to help students at TIS. 



There is no better option than admitting a child to the Tokyo International school. While you can look for other options, remember, this school offers all the facilities your child needs at affordable school fees. The school also provides an environment for your child to grow and develop healthy bonds with others. Overall, TIS plays a crucial role in ensuring an overall development in students, whether in academics or otherwise. 


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