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Insurance Market: Check out 6 technology trends for 2022

Technology trends for 2022 have signaled good solutions for the Insurance segment. It is essential to keep up with this evolution and the new tools and instruments that improve the sector’s performance.

They are facilities that bring better answers and greater precision to the data. The management of the company and the relationship with the insured evolved and improves significantly.

Read on and discover 6 tech trends for 2022!

Voice search

Voice search consists of doing a normal search on web search engines by speaking the keyword instead of typing it. The use of this tool is already intense and growing, mainly because it is intuitive, faster, and frees up the need to use your hands to type.

Speaking is much easier than typing and, with the predominance of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, nothing better than saying what you want and getting the result. For this reason, the trend of this technology is one of guaranteed growth.

Digital payment

Digital payment is a financial transaction carried out online, in a virtual environment, through devices enabled for this purpose. For it to be effective, it is essential to comply with a series of protocols that end up becoming intuitive through practice.

The sport has grown significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic and is expected to continue to expand. Her practice brought speed to the business of buying and selling products and services.

Micro videos

Micro videos are short-lived video productions, around a few seconds, that have found great receptivity among users. The most classic example is the productions of TikTok and the like.

It’s a nice format, mainly because it doesn’t get tiring, but it is capable of transmitting concise and objective messages and information. Making use of micro-videos can be an efficient differential in the disclosure and marketing strategy of the Broker.

Open Insurance

Open Insurance, or open Clu insurance system, is the condition in which users of insurance products and services authorize their information to be shared between companies in the segment. In this sense, it is an environment with complete security and offers in return agility, precision, and convenience.

Thus, the customer’s consent is essential for the system to be effective. The facilities, however, are many and, in particular, the construction of an insurance marketplace in which the information will be integrated.


Once again, the pandemic accelerated the growth in the use of self-service systems in the insurance segment. Thus, it was observed the growth of the practice, for example, the online inspection of properties and the evaluation of claims, based on images sent by the insured.

New services should be available, increasing self-service as an operational alternative in the interest of all. The portals of Insurers and Brokers should also present greater integration with social networks to further streamline self-service.

Innovation in collection

The collection of insurance premiums traditionally carried out using a debit or bank slip introduced new ways that streamlined and expanded possibilities. Thus, the introduction of Pix and recurrence via credit card consolidated this innovation.

In particular, greater attention has been paid to Pix, which enabled immediate responses regarding the validity of the contracts. The Insurance Market thanks you.

As you can see, the technology trends for 2022 bring advantages and benefits to the Insurance Market and its users, and your Broker can start by making use of a specialized management platform and having a set of facilities.

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