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International schools in Tokyo, including the ones offering the CBSE curriculum

Tokyo has a sizable ex-pat population that includes diplomats, business people, artists, and working in its many companies. Japan of which Tokyo is the capital city, is a rich nation that affords its residents a good lifestyle. Besides, it has some of the best international schools anywhere. Many of these international schools have their origin in other countries like Britain, the US, Australia, and India. In fact, some of the most well-known schools in Tokyo offer the CBSE curriculum.


Lets us take a look at some of the leading international schools in Tokyo-

  1. Global Indian International School, Tokyo

Global Indian International School Tokyo is one of the most sought-after international schools in Tokyo. It has a world-class campus replete with the best facilities. The school also boasts an outstanding teaching staff. It offers its students studying in classes starting from the primary level to the high school level, some of the best curricula in the world. These include Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, and the full suites of the Cambridge and IB programs. Students who complete their education at the school are known to secure admission to the best colleges and universities in the world. 


2.Clarence International School

Clarence International School, Tokyo is one of the best-known international preschools that was founded in 2016. It offers the world-renowned Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum  (EYFC) from the United Kingdom to its very young students in the age group of 2 to 6 years giving them a very personalized introduction to the world of academics. Students receive the best possible support and care to help them grow and develop in the most comprehensive way possible. What’s more, the school has a very international environment and vibe that augurs very well for the children studying there.


3.India International School in Japan

This CBSE school was founded in 2004 and has since then taken care of the educational needs of the children of the Indian ex-pats living in Japan. The school provides a holistic education right from the kindergarten level to the senior secondary level and apart from the CBSE curriculum, it also offers the students the much in demand IB curriculum. The school has a fabulous campus that boasts of a well-appointed library, computer lab, science lab, and gym. Indian ex-pats in Japan invariably send their children to this school.

4. Aoba Japan International School

Aoba Japan International School is one of the best-known international schools in Tokyo. It boasts some of the best facilities on its well-appointed campus that provides a fantastic environment for a child to learn and grow. The school provides the full suite of the much in vogue IB curriculum making it among the favorite international schools for the ex-pat population living in Tokyo. They also help senior students in the university application process by providing them with the right kind of guidance and assistance.


5. Axis International School

Axis International School was founded in 2005 and has since then gone on to become one of the leading international schools in Tokyo providing a comprehensive education from the preschool level to the high school level. The school has the best possible academic environment as well as a very healthy focus on a host of extracurricular activities. The school follows a rigorous curriculum patterned along with the well-known International Baccalaureate program. The success of this school is borne out by the fact that its students have already begun to secure admission to the best Japanese and international colleges and universities. 


6. St. Mary’s International School

St. Mary’s is a boy’s school in Tokyo that is extremely popular with locals and ex-pats alike. This is borne out by the fact that it boasts students from over 50 countries. It is not surprising therefore that the school inculcates the best of international values in its students.  This is reflected in its safe as well as modern infrastructure including extensive facilities to engage in a range of extracurricular activities.


Founded in 1954 the school provides holistic education to its students from the kindergarten level right to the high school level. St. Mary’s International School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).




Tokyo is one of the leading international cities like London, Paris, and New York and boasts a world-class infrastructure including its large number of international schools. Most ex-pats are very happy to send their children to school in this most culturally vibrant of cities with its own unique ethos that is both traditional and international in every sense of the word. 


The fact that there are many different types of international schools in Tokyo that are able to cater to the specific requirements of students hailing from different parts of the world, makes them all the more popular with the ex-pat population living in Japan.




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