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Investigating relevance of Jetpack Compose for Android app development services

Android apps lead the mobile app ecosystem, therefore, offering tremendous opportunities for businesses to achieve growth and sustainability. The popularity of android apps is the reason behind the ever-increasing demand to hire an android app developer.

Google recently launched a modern toolkit to facilitate the development of native UI. People looking for Android app development services should consider this revolutionary tool to bring their apps to life with minimum codes.

Jetpack Compose is an improvement on the traditional building approaches that were prone to numerous bugs. One of the best things about Android Jetpack is that it uses Kotlin, and developers with experience in Flutter or React can notice many similarities.

The purpose of introducing this UI tool is to make the whole android app development process fast and efficient. Today we will try to understand why you should use the Jetpack compose and how it benefits your Android apps.

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What are the reasons behind the increasing popularity of Jetpack Compose?

Google has already clarified that Jetpack compose will be the future of Android app development services. In a couple of years, all new android apps will be built using this tool, therefore it is going to witness a wide-scale adoption in the coming years. Below are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of Jetpack compose.

Accelerate development

Compose is packed with features that will help you accelerate the overall development process. The libraries like Navigation, ViewModel, and Kotlin work flawlessly with compose.

Don’t worry if you are already using an Android app for business as Compose is compatible with existing apps and you can call Compose codes from views and vice versa.

It can create multiple previews so that developers can check the error states, font sizes, and much more with ease. If you already own an app you can hire Android app developer to enhance your UI using Android Jetpack compose.

Less code

The excessive coding while building the Android apps while using the Android view system is a vital pain point for android app development services. Less coding is advisable because more code results in more bugs and enhanced testing.

On the other hand, Jetpack Compose enables you to develop the UI using minimum code. You don’t need to write, test, and review the code with the intensity required for the view system.

All the code you write for your Android app will use Kotlin. There is no need to split the codes between XML and Kotlin, thus making it much easier to write and review code written in the same language.


Instead of using multiple XML files, Compose uses a declarative API so that all you need to do is describe the UI and compose handles those components using APIs. You can make an intuitive and legible UI using only a single Kotlin file and multiple layered theme overlays.

The components you build using Compose don’t restrict to a specific activity or fragment. The stateless, easy-to-use, and intuitive set of UI components is a good option for Android app development services that look for a solution for enhanced customization.

The ability to update the UI automatically with the change in app state is yet another plus point of Jetpack compose.


Performance can be a question popping in your mind while thinking about using Jetpack compose. This tool will help you access all the Android APIs with built-in support for factors like themes, animations, and more. It can help you get efficiency by reducing the steps to create the promising UI for android apps.

Extensive support for animations makes it irresistible for App owners to use animations to make their UIs unique without putting in much effort. It provides a flexible option to build material designs by separating them from the basic foundation.

Current challenges for using Jetpack Compose

The Jetpack Compose is undoubtedly the best option for companies providing Android app development services. If your current requirements fit the capabilities of the present version of Android Jetpack Compose, you should go for it. Before you make up your mind, some drawbacks need consideration before falling into the eagerness of using this tool.

One of the most prominent reasons for avoiding the Jetpack is the learning curve and risk involved in using it for android app development.

The concept is new and is yet evolving with new versions from time to time. There can be bugs and limitations that often haunt the newly introduced technologies.

It is problematic to introduce it with existing technologies between the running projects. The tight timelines and learning curve may be a challenge while implementing Jetpack on the current projects.


Android SDK has shown a significant evolution since its introduction in 2007. Though it is undoubtedly a good platform for business apps, many problems like the loosely coupled layout in XML files are still a challenge. Jetpack compose will bring a revolution in Android app development services used to build the UI for apps. You can hire android app developers to get inexpensive and better quality UI solutions for business apps.

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