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Jelqing Exercises : What is it and How to perform it

Jelqing exercises are an old method of penile growth.

So, how does Jelqing work?

It entails stroking your penile tissues and extending the skin to produce “micro-tears” that look enlarged after recovering.

This allegedly improves your penis seem bigger or thicker, but would it make a difference? Here is the pertinent information.

The fundamental premise of Jelqing is to drive more blood circulation into the penis, enabling it to enlarge and expand. So this is achieved by conducting a stroking movement with one’s thumb and fingers. It begins at the end of the penis and goes towards the head.

The fundamental belief of the jelqing method is to drive more blood circulation into the penis, enabling it to enlarge and expand. This is achieved by conducting a stroking movement with one’s thumb and fingers, beginning at the end of the penis and going towards the head.

It is essential to apply lubrication while practicing Jelqing to avoid penile damage. Moreover, It is also vital to use a delicate touch while doing the strokes since excessive pressure may sometimes cause injury to the penis.

Numerous men who’ve already tried jelqing techniques claim favorable outcomes. So this may include enlarged penises, enhanced erection quality, and improved sexual endurance. However, scientific data is lacking to substantiate these statements.

Jelqing exercises are a risky technique that, if not done correctly, may cause severe penile damage. Before trying this or any other penile enhancement treatment, it is imperative to see a medical specialist.

Why Men Consider Jelqing Exercises?

The purpose of jelqing exercises is to increase penile size.

However, the majority of “proof” for Jelqing is experiential. Moreover, there is no investigation into the efficacy of this approach.

According to some questionable assertions, continuous Jelqing might be beneficial or the jelqing exercise benefits include:

  • Increase the circumference of your penis if it is flaccid and erect.
  • Extend the length of your penis while it is flaccid and erect
  • To prolong the duration of your erections.

Why Are Men Moving To Jelqing Exercises For Penis Enlargement?

Several men complain about their penis sizes and penis girth and believe that penis size interferes with a healthy sexual life. However, several men are ignorant that their penis size falls between the average penis size, which is 5.2 inches when erect. So they choose jelqing exercises and other medications to treat their condition.

Yet, some people may have other conditions that hinder their capability to perform or have better sexual experiences. In the marketplace, numerous brands and advertisements are coming up with sexual enlargement pills, lotions, oil, devices, etc. And some men fall prey to such products.

The worst part is that men believe that these medications would do wonders and make their penis look big. However, the effectiveness of such medicines available on the OTC isn’t studied or investigated yet. Further, these medications’ ingredients are highly unregulated, and some may pose a high risk to your health, doing no good.

Hence, at Ohman, we bring the best penis Enlargement Medicine, which is FDA-approved, and doctors only offer them after understanding your current medical condition.


How To Perform Jelquing Exercises?

man strengthening his body and taking jelqing exercise benefits

Jelqing is an activity used to improve penis size for ages. The approach is simple and involves just your hands. So one can perform the practice by doing a “milking” movement using your hands on your penis. So this action is performed for a certain period and is supposed to enhance penile size.

A few considerations must be made while practicing the jelqing exercise:

  • Utilize a lubricant to decrease friction and make your jelqing method more pleasant.
  • It is essential to loosen the penis before performing the technique. You may do this by having a warm shower and then starting with the process.
  • Begin with a light hold. It is vital to begin the exercise with a soft grasp. You may increase your grip once accustomed to the technique.
  • Do not overdo it: It is crucial not to overdo the activity. If you are experiencing discomfort, stop immediately.

If done correctly, the jelqing technique may be an efficient means of increasing penis size. Nevertheless, you must take adequate caution and not overdo it. Stop if you are experiencing pain.

Here is how to get started with Jelqing exercises:

  • Create an O by joining your index finger and thumb, similar to the “okay” hand gesture.
  • Put the O-shaped sign at your penis’ bottom.
  • Reduce the size of the O till you feel a little strain on the penile shaft.
  • Slide your thumb and index finger gently towards the penis’s tip until you approach it. Lower the force if this causes pain.
  • Relax your hold at the point. So this should take between 3 and 5 seconds.
  • Repeat daily for approximately 20 minutes.

When Can You See Results From Jelqing Exercises?

How quickly you get benefits will rely on how regularly you do the jelqing technique and your particular method.

It is unclear from present studies how long it typically takes for Jelqing and other stretching techniques to get benefits.

When Should You Discontinue The Jelquing Exercises?

You must stop your jelqing techniques when you find these symptoms occur during and after a session:

  • ache
  • distress
  • Irritation
  • bruising
  • Discoloration
  • Red patches
  • Shaft discomfort
  • Numbness
  • Vein rupture

Jelqing Side Effects

Jelqing is a manual penile growth practice that requires no equipment. The exercise is done by making a “milking” motion with the thumb and index finger of one hand to drive blood from the base of the penis to the head.

Jelqing exercises increase the penis size, although there is no factual evidence to advocate this assertion. In addition, there is a danger of penile damage if the movement is done improperly.

The most prevalent negative effect of Jelqing is discomfort and bruises of the penis. In rare instances, exercise might also result in impotence.

Individuals with a history of penile damage or Peyronie’s disease should avoid Jelqing exercises.

Final Say

There is little proof to back the efficacy of jelqing exercises. However, if you’re serious about expanding your penis size, far more superior alternatives are available. Read more exciting article on nytimesblogs

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