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Kanye Felt Empowered By Trump To Make His Anti-Semitism Public

Some may wonder what caused Kanye to go public with his anti-Semitism after years of keeping it a secret. The answer is obvious as we see an abysmal race towards the bottom among Trump supporters. Even Trump may have underestimated the abject servility of his deluded devotees, who not only remain silent, but seek to emulate and imitate the worst aspects of his depravity.

Yet Kanye was censored while Trump’s anti-Semitism semitism has gone mostly unnoticed and unpunished. But Kanye is not Trump and does not command the undying loyalty of battalions of the brainwashed, legions of lunatics and millions of mindless minions. Moreover, out of ignorance, Kanye was a bit premature in advocating his Final Solution for the Jews. Even Hitler waited until his ranting and raving had taken hold of society before he openly and brazenly announced his Final Solution. Similarly, Trump has gradually increased the intensity of his anti-Semitic tropes and rhetoric from calling Jews disloyal, projecting his obsession with money upon Jews, to proclaiming himself “King of Israel” and the “second coming of God”, to conspiring with Christian nationalists and vigilantes, praising those who say Jews will not replace us in Charlottesville as “good people” and calling anti-Semites who stormed the Capitol patriots, to recently warning Jews to “get their act together” and show more gratitude towards him “before it is too late.”

While the Democratic Party has taken steps, insufficient though they may be, to isolate those within their ranks, who vilify Israel, the one place in the Middle East where abortion and LGBTQ rights are protected, while absolving surrounding nations that stone to death women and gays who dare to stand up for who they are, no such self-reflection or monitoring can be seen in the Republican Party, which has failed to censure or rebuke the anti-Semitism of Donald Trump. This is no surprise from a Party that condones his daily moral outrages, which include sedition and stealing top secret archives.

Today’s Republican Party seeks to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state, which our founders established to keep the anti-Semitism of Europe from staining the soil of America. We see this in abortion laws which establish right-wing Christianity as the law of the land and criminalize Jewish law and other moral codes. Sadly, many right-wing Jews, who are otherwise vigilant about exposing and rejecting anti-Semitism, in the case of Trump and his Republicult Party, continue to rationalize the irrational, justify the unjustifiable and permit the impermissible.

Elie Wiesel noted that “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Similarly, Dr. Martin Luther King, as well as such luminaries as Albert Einstein and Rabbi Joshua Heschel observed that what makes the world a dangerous place is not so much those who do evil, but those who say and do nothing which allows it to happen.

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