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Ladies, Try These 5 Styling Ideas with Your Heavy Zip Up Hoodie!

It’s time to take that cozy heavy zip up hoodie out of the closet and wear it to look your absolute best! That’s right, we said it: you can look your best with a hoodie!

We all have that favorite hoodie that we tend to wear the most often when we don’t feel like styling our outfit very much or are lounging around the house. But what if we told you that you could take your go-to hoodie and style it with some easy, breezy elements to both look and feel excellent?

That’s what we aim to tackle today: building a sturdy bridge between comfort and style– and your heavy zip up hoodie is the major building block in that bridge. Let’s look at just five easy ways to style your zip up hoodie!

1.Off-Shoulder Look with Leggings and Sneakers
The off-shoulder look is making a comeback and we are certainly pleased about its revival! You can wear your hoodie off of just one shoulder for a casual chic look. Make sure to zipper your hoodie closed, though, so you can efficiently attain that look!

Pair your off-shoulder hoodie with a pair of leggings (either calf length or ankle length– your choice!) and a pair of sneakers. Your sneakers can either be fitness or fashion sneakers, too.

2.Tie Around Your Waist with Crop Top and High-Waisted Biker Shorts
Another resurfacing fashion trend is the hoodie tied around the waist look! Thankfully it is because we are hype to finally put our hoodie somewhere convenient when we get too hot while looking and feeling cooler!

Wrap your hoodie around your waist while wearing the crop top of your choice along with a pair of high-waisted biker shorts! All three are hot right now– and you’ll be, too, when you wear this trifecta!

3.Classic Wear with Jeans and Halter Top
Nothing really beats the classics. Wearing your hoodie as you normally would (simply and classically on your person) with a pair of your favorite jeans. Add a flirty flair to your ‘fit by tacking on a cute halter top, too!

4.Capris Pants with Wedges and Tank Top
We all know just how comfortable capris pants are, as they have found the best of both worlds between long pants and shorts! Wear a pair of capris with comfy wedges and a tank top for an easy, breezy, and cute style!

5.Skater Dress with Boots or Strappy Sandals
Looking for a fashionable outfit that will turn heads and be exceptionally comfortable? Then try pairing your hoodie up with a skater dress! Skater dresses perfectly highlight all the right curves on your body without being too innocuous or uncomfortable. Add in either a pair of boots or strappy sandals depending on the weather to tie it all together just right.

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