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Language and Cultural Differences Between Filipino and Thai


People of Thai and the Philippines look alike as they belong to the same regional background i.e., Southeast Asians. Climate, weather conditions, and seasons are more or less the same in the Philippines and Thailand. So, it affects their skin and lifestyle equally. Also, it is important to note that these countries are neighbors to each other and not far.

The Unique Culture of Thailand

Thailand has a religion that is somewhat unique to other Buddhist nations. However, it has been infused with many foreign elements included. It also has an influence of Hindu practices and traditional Chinese beliefs.

Similarities between Thailand and the Philippines

It is important to evaluate the languages before going for Thai translation services. Knowing the similarities between Thai and Filipino can help in better translation with less time and more work. Since many things and elements are the same and changes can be made easily.

Filipinos and Thai people look the same when it comes to their skin and physical structure.

Religious Differences

They have strong religious beliefs and are true followers of their religion.

  • People in Philipines are Catholic whereas it is Buddhism that they practice in Thailand.
  • There are more churches in the Philippines and Thailand has more temples.

They also are polite people. People of both regions are popular for their polite nature and for being courageous enough to embrace challenges openhearted.

Expressing politeness in Thailand and the Philippines

As the people of both countries are quite polite and kind-hearted, so it is important for the foreigner visits to know how to express their words.

“Po” word is used in the Philippines to express the word politeness.

In Thailand, they say “Kha” for girls and “kap” for boys. “Na” is a word that they use at the end of the sentence. Though, these words don’t have any particular meanings, but using in a sentence while communicating may convey politeness. These are the basic things to know for the companies as well before they go for Professional Thai translation services.

Traditional Similarities

Professional Filipino translation services are imperative to target the people of the Philippines. Talking about the traditions and how these are similar to Thailand, Tinkling is a form of dance that is celebrated as a national dance in the Philippines. As for Thailand, the same type of dance with the same moves and rhythms is called Lao Kra Top Mai. Moreover, Sepak tekraw, or kick volleyball, exists in both countries though it is simple sipa in the Philippines.

How it is like moving to Thailand

Moving to a whole new place always comes with some challenges. So, it is important to be mindful of the languages and new cultures. English is rarely spoken or understood by the people in Thailand and the Philippines. Besides that, living expenses, cultural influence, and other relations are also affected in such cases.

Language Differences

The business owners or other people who plan to expand their operation in the Philippines or Thailand need to know the languages well and their differences as well to excel in the Thai and Filipino translation services.

As for the differences in the language of Thai and Filipino, people from Filipino are friendlier, especially if migrants are from English-speaking countries. People in the Philippines are quite proficient in English.

English is not a common language in Thailand, though it is now their second language it is spoken quite rarely there. This is an important point to consider.

This is a major language difference because, in Thailand, people are more comfortable in the Thai language, however, this is not the case in the Philippines. The Philippines has many other benefits as well in terms of

  • Food
  • Basic expenses
  • Cost of living

Thailand, however, is an expensive place to live and stay. Learning the Thai language in Thailand is also fun. It sounds like a foreign language and more Asian that many people find interesting. People often visit Asian countries to have that feeling of being Asian and enjoy particular traditions and customs. In such cases, Thailand is more exotic and Asian in nature as compared to the Philippines.

People when intend to plan to visit an Asian country, there are particular things they have in their mind

This could be about exploring the

  • Art
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Food and
  • Popular tourism attractions.

Marshallese language and its relation with Thai and Philippines

For Marshallese translation services, it is important to have important information about the language. Marshallese language is also known as Ebon. It is a Micronesian language and belongs to the Marshall Islands. It has more than 60,000 speakers and making the basic language of the country. There are speakers of this language in the United States and all of these speak Marshallese, there are speakers in Nauru as well. This language and its family are not related to Thai or Filipino by any means.

Final words

Professional translation services are hectic and challenging. Companies who plan to hire language service providers should themselves check for the basic details and information regarding relevant and targeted languages as well. Filipino, Thai, and Marshallese, all are important languages and have a huge number of speakers who are always looking for new services and products to be launched and introduced in their region. Therefore, it is imperative to know about the language relations, differences, and similarities to perform well.

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