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Magic Spoon | What is the price of a box of Magic Spoon Cereals, exactly?

Magic Spoon is an industry leader in developing sugar-free substitutes for traditional morning cereals. Magic Spoon is a brand of cereal that is marketed for adults and has become well-known due to the novel idea behind the product. According to a press release issued by Fast Company. This “adult version of what you liked as a kid — without sugar or carbs or guilt”

Because of the substantial amount of followers that it has on Instagram, the brand has also been featured in publications such as CNN, Forbes, and Delish (now at over 235k). What other brands of cereal are more popular than Magic Spoon and have a larger percentage of the market than Magic Spoon does?
You may discover more about the firm, its products, user reviews, promotions, and other topics by continuing to read our evaluation of the Magic Spoon cereal.

The background of the Magic Spoon

It all started with a plain bowl of cereal in the morning. The breakfast staple of cereal was a consistent element of Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz’s upbringing throughout their entire lives.
Those distinctively sweet morsels were virtually always made available by the same producers, which ensured that consumers would experience a carb-induced slump later in the day. They were unable to complete any work since they kept eating subpar cereal throughout the day.
The two friends ventured out in search of sugar-free alternatives but were ultimately unsuccessful in their mission. According to the findings of their study, the average American consumes one hundred bowls of cereal every single year.

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Despite this, the overwhelming majority of the available options lacked any meaningful nutritional value in any form. As a direct consequence of this, they took action. Gabi and Greg’s goal was to develop a sugar-free dessert that tasted similar to the traditional version but was better for you.

The year 2019 marked the beginning of operations for Magic Cereal, which now calls Brooklyn, New York, its home base. Adults can partake in indulgent activities without experiencing feelings of guilt, and they won’t have to worry about the typical sugar crash that follows.

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  •  Cereals are available in a wide selection of flavours, such as strawberry, peanut butter, and cocoa. • A one-month supply of Magic Spoon cereal is included in each box of Magic Spoon cereal, which has 0 grammes of sugar, low carbohydrates, and lots of protein.
  • Complementary comments from satisfied clients of the past.
  • If a customer is dissatisfied with our service, they will receive a full refund.


  •  This product is not available anywhere else in the world save the United States.
  • Each order must contain a minimum of one case, which is comprised of four individual boxes.
  • A Discussion Regarding the Breakfast Cereal Known as Magic Spoon

When I think about getting up early for school, rushing to the kitchen to get your favourite cereal, and eating it while watching your favourite morning cartoons, so many memories from my childhood come flooding back to me all at once.

As we become older, we realise that the majority of typical cereal products are filled to the brim with sugary ingredients and carbs that aren’t beneficial to our health. Even so, the fact that this is the case does not prevent us from enjoying it.

Magic Spoon has a similar sense of nostalgia to it, although removing all of the unnecessary calories, and this is because of how it works. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of cereals that are offered.

An analysis of the Magic Spoon Maple Waffle Cereal in great detail.

Imagine you are a child. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a delicious cake? A birthday cake waffle was an absolute requirement for my special day! When you take a bite of our Magic Spoon cereal, the flavours of vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and rainbow sprinkles from your childhood are likely to come flooding back to you.

In order to convert your pancakes into a whole meal suitable for breakfast or brunch, you can spread maple syrup over the top of them. In comparison to the hundreds of calories that are contain in a bowl of birthday cake waffles, a bowl of tasty cereal contains only three grammes of net carbs.

This delicious cereal with a maple flavour has no added sugar or artificial ingredients, so all it has to give in the way of nutrition is 11 grammes of protein and 100 calories. We do not recommend lighting a celebration candle in your bowl of Magic Spoon Maple Waffle Cereal, which costs $39 per case and comes in packages of four boxes. Each case can be purchase separately.

A Critical Examination of Magic Spoon’s Frosted Cereal

Those well-known kids commercials starring Tony the Tiger in which he encourages aspirational players to power up on Frosted Flakes before their next game are examples of deceptive advertising.

You will experience a sudden increase in energy because of the product’s high sugar content; nevertheless, the product does not include enough nutrients to keep you going for the rest of the day. Magic Spoon Original Cereal and Magic Spoon Frosted Cereal are the two flavours that are available for purchase. In the Frost rendition, there is a sorcerer depicte holding a rabbit and a spoon.

This sugar-free variation of Magic Spoon cereal maintains the same delicious taste as the classic variety. One bowl of this scrumptious soup contains only 110 calories and 11 grammes of protein.

A package of four boxes of The Magic Spoon Frosted Cereal can be purchase for the price of $39, which comes out to approximately $1.39 per serving. You can purchase a subscription for the price of $35 per year, which provides a discount of 10% off the standard price. The cost of one bowl has been reducing to $1.25 per serving.

Magic Spoon Blueberry, an Evaluation of Cereal

The blueberry muffin is probably one of the most well-known types of breakfast food. If you are a fan of cereal, you should definitely try the Magic Spoon Blueberry Cereal. Blueberries and other pleasant smells associated with summertime will make you as happy as a spaceman riding an octopus. To the best of our knowledge, at least according to the box.

This cereal contains no artificial flavourings or additives of any kind, yet it only has 110 calories, 3 grammes of net carbohydrates, and 11 grammes of protein in total. You can get a one-time serving of Planet Blue O’s with Magic Spoon Blueberry Cereal for the price of $39 (which comes out to $1.39 each bowl), or you can get a monthly supply for the price of $35 (which comes out to $1.24 per dish).

Review of the Breakfast Cereal: Magic Spoon Peanut Butter

According to the love/hate scale for peanut butter, you either have an aversion to or an affinity for peanut butter. If you belong to the latter group, then the Magic Spoon Peanut Butter Cereal is going to be just up your alley. This cereal isn’t only for breakfast; it’s likely to be love at other times of the day as well, especially by people who fantasise about almond butter with a bit of peanut butter mix in.

There is no reason to feel guilty about satisfying your peanut butter cravings with this. As it is a much better alternative than any cereal you could eat. The peanut butter cereal has a total of 130 calories, with 3 grammes of net carbohydrates. And 11 grammes of protein make up the composition of the cereal.

You’ll have yourself a mouthwatering peanut butter smoothie as soon as you pour some ice-cold milk into the bowl you’re using. The Magic Spoon Peanut Butter Cereal can be purchase for a one-time price of $39. While a subscription can be purchase for $35.

Absolutely, the price of Magic Spoon Cereal is well worth it!

According to this assessment, Magic Spoon Cereal is a great option for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to their go-to breakfast cereal and should be consider by everyone who fits that description. In terms of both their appearance and their flavour, Fruit Loops and Cocoa Pebbles. Two popular bowls of cereal that can be purchase in stores are no match for these homemake confections.

Consumers are still able to indulge in the sweets and delicacies that they enjoyed as children. But they no longer have to feel guilty about stuffing their cheeks with hundreds of more calories and sugar. Magic Spoon cereal is love by a lot of grownups. But you can tell that the brand’s goods are great for children because they feature fun mascots and activities on the packaging.

The flavour of their cereal has earn numerous positive customer reviews. But the price is exorbitant, especially when shipping fees are add to the calculation. On the other hand, if you drink cereal on a regular basis and notice that you are putting on weight despite your best efforts. You might want to give Magic Spoon a shot to see if it can help you lose weight.

Cereals from the Magic Spoon are Eligible for Discounts and Other Special Offers

It’s possible that you’ve grown tired of eating cereal. But this could become your new favourite way to start the day. This is due to the magic spoon discount code, which is offering a great deal on the bowl of cereal that is crunchy, delicious, and nutritious.

Using the discount code provide by magic spoon, you can purchase multiple boxes without worrying about your savings being deplete. This is a fantastic chance to get a discount on one of the morning foods that has stood the test of time as a customer favourite. Why not buy in bulk to get a discount on your purchases?

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