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Market Your Home Via Live Streaming on Location

Have you felt recently that the traditional channels of marketing your products or services simply don’t work anymore? You try to reach a larger audience and target more clients, yet your attempts are useless. Actual conversions wouldn’t want to come through. So you wish to explore some brand new marketing channels to get more leads and strengthen your brand. Then we have excellent news!

The digital world is broadening by the second, creating countless new possibilities. Among many businesses, these digital trends revolutionized the housing industry too. In the present article, we place the idea of live streaming on location center stage as a core element of the most creative real estate marketing ideas for 2022!

How did virtual open houses and streaming prevail?

The younger generation is immersed in the online world. Thus, youth nowadays is less likely to engage in traditional marketing strategies, such as networking, SMS marketing, word-of-mouth advertising, etc. Don’t get us wrong! Offline marketing is still competent and far from being dead! Live streaming offers fascinating and creative new opportunities for expert local real estate agents and their potential clients to dig into real estate genuinely.

Millennials and Gen Z are keen on buying a home. However, they will probably skip attending old-school open houses. Instead, they choose to watch real estate vids in their cozy little comfort zone at home. How come this became our new reality, you may wonder. Multiple reasons contributed to the onset of the supremacy of the digital era. For instance, Covid restrictions and remote work were the most prevalent ones. For “new age users,” virtual cyber tours became a more preferred option and genuine wish fulfillment. Showing a property online is the new golden standard. With the help of live streaming, you can put an out-of-the-box spin on the whole procedure.

What does live streaming mean in real estate, and how can you benefit?

Live streaming sessions are virtually (no pun intended) home tours for your online audience. The process demands an expert host who confidently speaks about the perks of moving and living in the real estate in question. Real estate agents can undertake this task or hire a professional “showrunner.”

Don’t forget that spoken content is just as significant as the video material you broadcast. For this reason, don’t get to the location unprepared. Counting on your improvisational skills can be a colossal mistake, particularly if you’re a rookie! Listing the home’s strengths for sale should still be your number one priority!

Know the drill and show off your competence! Self-confidence and deep knowledge of the listed property will go a long way! The principle applies, especially in the questions and answers phase throughout or at the end of the live streaming.

Most frequently, these cyber home tours will hit the home run! Users are fascinated with first-hand experience. They can tell that they won’t get a blind date or buy a pig in the poke. And seeing the property up close and personal will boost their engagement. As a result, such home tours will often close the deal using virtual tech.

Where can you live stream and store your real estate content?

You can stream on the three major online social media platforms, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Facebook live streams

Perhaps, Facebook is the most effortless of them all. You click on the Live button, and you’re ready to roll. Put on a live show on your personal profile, business account, or Facebook group of your choice. The platform boasts a high conversion rate for users replaying your videos. Note, however, that people can view your content for only about 48 hours after streaming.

Go live on Instagram!

On the other hand, Instagram is more concerned with trending and hot topics. It means your content can quickly turn into yesterday’s news. Still, you can save your live stream video to your Insta profile, where you can use it most. Also, the content will have a longer shelf-life than Facebook.

Choose video longevity with streaming on YouTube!

Our favorite is YouTube since the content will enjoy the longest life span here, and we prefer planning in the long run. Besides, it provides uploaders (and users) with the advantage of easy-to-find search algorithms. We recommend that no matter where you stream your live video initially, upload it on YouTube later. Viewers interested in purchasing real estate will search for relevant content and bump into yours. Thus, you can expect new clicks and likes on YouTube (in one word, engagement) even after uploading it.

Get geeky with the essential live streaming tech!

Before going live, make sure you have high-quality equipment!

Grab a top-notch camera for the ultimate live streaming quality!

Consider acquiring a camera with autofocus, a built-in stereo mic, and full HD lens technology for outstanding picture sharpness and great colors. This feature self-corrects even the handicap when the light isn’t the most favorable. Among the best cameras for streaming purposes, we pick Logitech C922 and Logitech BRIO. Mevo Plus, and Razer Kiyo Webcam.

A tripod settles unwanted shaky moves.

You’ll need a reliable tripod or the handheld version, the switch pod. The latter grants you more flexibility because you can hold it farther from you while recording. Additionally, a phone attachment is incorporated. A phone or tripod ring light is also a must-have to provide extra light, especially if you’re live streaming on a location with little to no light sources.

Live broadcast software for reliable and creative coordination.

Now that we have established the quintessential hardware, let’s focus on the software to make your content undoubtedly stand out from the crowd! Video broadcasting software performs a series of multitasks, such as cutting together images from more than one camera. Besides, it optimizes material for internet transmission (encoding.) Another advantage comes from inserting still images while live streaming. Live streaming platforms need to be easy to use from a web browser.

You might wish to show graphics, titles, and subtitles to your video feed. And last but not least, the state-of-the-art technology will enable you to go online and stream on various platforms simultaneously! In short, it’s indispensable for any professional HD broadcast. The software requires high-speed internet, a performant computer, and some basic PC skills, yet nothing out of the ordinary. Suppose you wish to try out and be your own director and editor. In that case, we recommend the following live broadcasting software: Wirecast, vMix, StreamYard, and OBS Studio.

Practical ideas for your real estate live streaming.

Stream yourself horizontally! Yes, we know that most Instagram and Facebook videos prefer vertical videos. Still, in real estate, you must present a property in widescreen so that the image encompasses as many details as possible.

Be prepared for worst-case scenarios! For this reason, check out the home you’re about to present first. Ensure it has internet coverage (preferably 5G), the proper lighting (external and internal), working electricity, etc.

Experience proves that viewers don’t appreciate shaky images and jerky moves. They tend to be distracted and leave your content. Use tripods to gain more stability! Smooth camera movement guides the viewers’ attention toward the property’s essential aspects.

Think of broader terms! Why wouldn’t you showcase the entire neighborhood where you have various real estate for sale? Skilled realtors will go the extra mile and present a particular area’s vibes and must-see places! A carefully crafted spectacle is a half success!! To get an impressive bird’s eye view, employ a drone.


Virtual home tours and live streaming, as part of efficient online marketing strategies for 2022, offer new prospects for real estate agents to make a lasting impact on their potential buyers. In addition, they can boost their brand awareness which leads to more sales in the long run. However, the technology demands a more substantial investment on your behalf. Secondly, mastering the technique takes time and practice. Still, the pros of this method dwarf all these minor inconveniences: Live streaming will reflect that you’re on the top of your game!

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