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Micro Conversion Kits & Accessories: Are They Worth It?

Your handgun may be your lifesaver; you can conceal it and deploy it even in the most harrowing of situations. So you spend hours – if not days – training with it.

But shooting a handgun has its limitations. It’s hard to wrangle recoil and there’s only so much you can do to stabilize the platform.

Until now. With a Micro Conversion Kit and accessories, you can revolutionize your self-defense handgun. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Micro Conversion Kit?
Micro Conversion Kits, designed and created by CAA USA, or Command Arms Accessories, are revolutionary platform upgrades that are compatible with over 125 models of popular handguns.

MCK Micro Conversion Kits require no pistol disassembly or modification. Simply drop the pistol into the compatible platform for a quick and easy upgrade.

MCKs are the ideal upgrade kits for many models of handguns, transforming them into much more stable platforms that can improve your accuracy out to 200 yards.

In addition to including folding stock arm braces, they include integral spare mag holders, built-in charging handles, and plenty of rail space for expansion.

What Pistols Are They Compatible with?
There are currently three generations of Micro Conversion Kits, MCK Gen 1, 2, and 3 as well as MCK Micro Roni Conversion Kits.

These kits are compatible with a wide range of popular handguns, including models from:

● Springfield Armory

● Glock

● Smith & Wesson

● CZ

● Sig Sauer

● Taurus

Models are also being developed for Canik, Ruger, and Heckler & Koch handguns. For specific model compatibility, visit and consult their collection of Micro Conversion Kits and accessories.

What Are the Benefits of a Micro Conversion Kit?
There are far-reaching benefits of upgrading your handgun with a high-quality Micro Conversion Kit. Among some of the most significant of these are:

● Improved stability: Micro Conversion Kits include a folding stock arm brace that locks into position, making them perfect both for stability and concealed carry.

● Upgraded expandability: Micro Conversion Kits feature top and side Picatinny rails for mounting optics and shooting accessories.

● Model-specific upgradeability: CAA also produces a number of practical Micro Conversion Kit accessories (see below) that can drastically upgrade the performance of your handgun platform.

● Improved ergonomics: MCK models feature ergonomic finger grooves, built-in charging handles, and exposed slide releases.

● More confident, ambidextrous handling: MCKs boost the stability and balance of your handgun, improving handling, agility, and confidence behind the stock.

What Are the Top Selling Micro Conversion Kit Accessories?
One of the biggest benefits of Micro Conversion Kits is that they are compatible with a number of purpose-built accessories. Among the top-selling Micro Conversion Kit accessories are:

● Sling swivels

● Thumb rests

● Integral front flashlights

● Red dot sights

● Glass breakers

● Brass catchers

● Flip-up backup sights

● Stock upgrades

● Bipods

● Picatinny rail extensions

● Magazine extensions

● And more

One of the great things about Micro Conversion Kits is that they allow you to revolutionize your shooting platform and expand it in ways that the pistol itself would not allow. With the Picatinny rail extensions, you can transform your handgun into a surrogate SBR or sporting rifle, complete with a wide range of practical attachments that improve stability, handling, agility, and accuracy – even at greater ranges.

Where Can I Get Them?
Do you still have questions about Micro Conversion Kits and accessories or similar shooting accessories like pistol stabilizer braces?

Visit MCS Gearup at for answers. They carry not only Micro Conversion Kits for a wide range of handguns but all of the MCK accessories mentioned in this article.

In short, a substantial handgun upgrade is within sight and only a few clicks away. Make it happen.

For more information about Pistol Braces and Assembled Uppers Please visit: MCS Gearup.

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