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Most Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Improve Male Infertility

Infertility is a goal for men. About half of all infertility occurs due to male infertility. Erectile dysfunction is the leading cause of male infertility.

The reason for the problem does not mean that sperm’s first-rate cannot be improved. You can take steps to improve your lifestyle, dietary habits, and treatment options for those with problems. You will be able to find the best ED treatment for you in the future.

Even if there are no problems with the male side of sperm testing, it is easier to get pregnant by simply using paying interest for your normal existence. Also, sperm can benefit from a steady rhythm of existence.

Men who are busy or have a risky life may also experience reduced fertility. When males and women are working together, pregnancy is possible. Men should also improve their weight loss and quality of life.

Male Infertility Improvement Review

Daily informal behavior affects sperm

First, let me remind you that sperms can be damaged by excessive heat. Sperms can only be saved up to 33 degrees. Even though you may not realize it, your daily activities can have a devastating effect on sperm.

Research has shown that weight problems can reduce the number of daily sperms as well as the amount of semen. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy body by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet.

It is important to avoid smoking and ingesting alcohol. You will not have a good night’s rest if you smoke or consume alcohol. Smoking causes low blood flow and oxygen deficiency.

14 ways to increase male fertility

To increase sperm motility, eat dietary supplements and diets

Zinc, also known as a “mineral”, plays a role in increasing the attention, quantity, and motility of men. There is a significant difference in the zinc stages of semen in men who have regular semen exams compared to those with male infertility.

According to a Spanish study, a comparison of 30 men with sperm problems and 31 regular men who visited a fertility clinic found that the former had a lower antioxidant intake than the latter.

These nutrients are important and you should be aware of them.

Highest excellent sperm after abstinence for sooner or later

According to a semen pattern analysis, sperm recall was reduced by long-term abstinence.

It seems that the ratio between motile and regular sperm has changed to be very good in future abstinence.

It is better to not be concerned about the exact timing of ovulation. Instead, you can relax and enjoy the couple’s lives for a few days without worrying about it.

Stop smoking

A semen survey was conducted on 112 male infertile and 10 healthy men at a college in Brazil. According to some reports, the former antioxidant enzyme awareness was lower than the latter. Also, the sperm antioxidant enzyme levels of the smokers were lower.

A lower awareness means sperm remember and motility is decreased, which results in white blood cells relying on being higher. Quitting smoking has such a positive effect that Vidalista 60 and Vidalista 40 have suggested that the blood glide in the penis advances love lifestyles.

Second-hand smoke can increase the chances of wives inhaling second-hand smoke and causes each couple to become more stressed. It is better to quit smoking and to exercise after having a child.

Improve sperm motility by exercising moderately

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine presented that people who exercise regularly, including jogging and outside sports, can have a great effect on their sperm and increase sperm motility.

Your sperm motility and sperm count will increase if you get more exercise. Exercise can also help with obesity and increase the production of male hormones. It is good for your health.


According to the University of Utah, the lower the men’s BMI the greater the motility and sperm depend upon. An analysis of 526 respondents revealed that oligospermia was 5.32% within the regular weight group and 15.62% for those who are obese.

Use a laptop computer only for work.

The State University of New York’s reproductive medicine researcher surveys 29 men. After placing the laptop on my lap, I checked the temperature in the scrotum and found that it had increased by a median of 2.1%.

According to some sources, sperm production decreases when the temperature of the scrotum increases.

Avoid sauna

You can avoid long baths or hot baths by avoiding the sauna. The sauna heat can cause the warmth-touchy testes to warm up and internal weakness in the sperms. It is important to maintain the testicles at 32-33 degrees. This is the highest level for sperm production.

Men with male infertility who took a bath for at least half an hour every week for three months or more stopped being dependent. 45% of those who did this had a complete motile number.

No strain

According to some studies, healthful pressure can increase the number of sperm that are not properly formed.

The inspection revealed that there was no alternative in the sperm count for the area with seismic intensity less than four. The length of seismic depth six or higher had a significant decrease in sperm count, and motility fee.

Excessive stress is a cause of decreased sperm count. This could be due to the collapse of homes and the deaths of loved ones. Paintings can cause excessive stress, so it is better to avoid them as much as possible. Cenforce 150 a remedy for ED.

Don’t ride a bike

It is not recommended for use in sperm because of the high temperature and vibration caused by friction from the bicycle.

Many studies also point out the danger of riding on bicycles leading to ED. You should avoid using too many bikes or bicycles.

Stop drinking alcohol every day

A University of Southern Denmark study on 1221 men aged 18-28 found that people who drank about 2.5% of their daily alcohol intake had lower sperm counts and more malformations. Five to seven mugs of beer or more per week. This is especially true for those who drink 20 or more beer cups per week.

He did an observational study and said that alcohol consumption can cause sperm to weaken. Young men should be aware that drinking large amounts of alcohol every day can not only harm their health but also affect their reproductive ability. It is important to let them know that they can have an impact.

Try to modify the body condition

Although it has been known for a long time that excessive fever causes sperm to die, it is important to remember that test effects can be affected by fever.

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