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Popular Types of Houses You can Construct

As seasons change, so do house trends. It brings a great opportunity for the homeowners looking to construct a house on the plots they bought in Islamabad. Since the city is full of lustrous hill views and forests, it’s a given that you want your house to blend with the natural scenario. So why not take advantage of your location and make the best out of the situation?

Among the summer interior designs, you can also take care of the house architecture too. Hire a brilliant architect to come up with a blueprint that would best reflect the property in eighteen society Islamabad you are so looking forward to constructing. 

It is crucial to remember that a house is most designed on the basis of its structure and style. The design and the type of building depict the house’s functionality. 

So are you excited about the types of houses you can construct surrounded by the green hills? We have compiled a list you can choose from. 

Popular types of house styles to construct 

House styles keep changing with time, taste, lifestyle, and surroundings. Exploring different house styles gives you the edge to make your home unique and stand out from the rest. Take a look at the best house styles below. 

1- Contemporary house style 

These days one of the most popular house types in the contemporary style. This type of home is designed to incorporate the landscape with common features like large windows, smooth textures, and lines. Lots of natural lights, symmetrical forms, and modern touch of the interior are visible in the house’s exterior and interior. 

The main goal is to connect the indoors with the outdoors and make the house design more efficient. 


  • Efficient space according to the house structure
  • Open plan living house designs 
  • They are built to be more energy efficient 


  • It can be costly to keep the house cool on summer days
  • Always keep the windows covered for privacy 
  • Eco-friendly credentials are not cheap 

2- Ranch house style

You may have seen single-story, wide and brick houses. These are ranch-style homes with a garage in front or on one side of the house. If you are looking to purchase or build a ranch-style home you need to make sure the design and style best suit the surroundings. 


  • A simple house design with more efficiency on the same level floor plan 
  • Easier to keep cool in summer and keep it heated in winter 
  • Best for casual living


  • It can be more expensive to lay a strong foundation 
  • Large windows in the house often lead to less privacy 
  • You need a large plot to build ranch style house 

3- Classical style house

Classical houses are most commonly found in the majority of parts. The building is symmetrical with 2 or 3 stories, a front doorway, and a porch for entrance. Usually, the house has two rooms on each side of the main hall or living room. This house style depicts the colonial and federal house designs in the South. 


  • They offer more durability and can withstand any exterior threat for a longer time 
  • The structure is understated grandeur and oozes elegance 
  • High ceilings and ornamental doorways are attractive 


  • Maintenance work is time-consuming 
  • Walls can easily stain and requires a painting job 
  • Repairs can get more expensive over time 

4- Cottage house style 

People living on the northern side of the country often have a cottage or cabin-style houses. The style and design go back to the 1700s. Such houses are commonly seen in hilly areas because of their durable structure. Such house styles do not cost as much as a contemporary house style. 


  • House design is unique and compact 
  • Upgraded quality of life 
  • They radiate warmth, comfort, and coziness 


  • Unexpected maintenance in extreme weather conditions
  • They may take longer to sell 
  • Limited space does not give much room to function 

5- Farmhouse style 

Just as the name suggests, it’s a house away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. It’s becoming a popular house trend in real estate. However, the execution time is consuming as compared to other house projects. 

Traditionally, farmhouses support a porch, more rooms, a wide kitchen, parlor space, and open grounds surrounding the structure. 


  • Best choice to spend a vacation away from a busy routine 
  • Plenty of room to enjoy and raise kids 
  • You can rent the space for lavish events 


  • They are extremely costly and have a high maintenance cost 
  • Utility challenges are more 
  • The structure may wear easily in case of lack of house management 

So what do you think is the right choice of the house for you? Keep the pros and cons in your mind alongside the budget. Choose the home style that best meets your needs!

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