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Preschools in Malaysia ask parents to follow 6 Montessori parenting habits every day

Handling preschool kids is not a cakewalk as Montessori teachers are professionals with proper training and experience in this field. So if you are thinking of giving the same environment at home then it will not be an easy task for sure as strategies they follow needs a complete understanding of the pedagogy to live Montessori philosophy at home.

So how can parents provide the same environment and follow the same philosophy at home?

While it’s true that you need to have a complete understanding of the philosophy, there are some things that you can do at home without having a degree and it can be done by any parents easily.

6 elements of Montessori philosophy parents can use while interacting with children.

Respect your child as a person

We respect all elders, our partners, and everyone around us, but we forget to respect our children. Rather, we do not even imagine the thought of respecting children or the concept seems strange. 

They are growing and learning new things; so it is the best way to teach them about love, being caring, being heard, and respecting others. Acting as role models could be the best way to set examples where they see you as parents respecting them, listening to them, taking their opinions and showcasing a good role model.  

Example: – If your child comes to you and wants your attention or asks you for something when you are busy with something else,. the best way is to stop the task for a while (if possible) give them the attention and care they need or answer their query in detail.

In case it’s not possible and you are stuck then ask them to give you some time and tell them that you will answer their query or will be there for them. Make sure once you are done, tell your child, “Thank you for waiting” and answer their query. 

In both ways, you are showing respect to them. Showing respect to children is the Montessori preschools in Malaysia philosophy which can be practised by parents at home

Foster Freedom and Independence

It’s natural for parents to help children when they see them struggling in some activities or studies but it should be avoided. No, we are not asking you to be heartless, as it will be a hindrance in their learning process, self-confidence and intrinsic motivation.

They should be given enough time to solve it by themselves and you should encourage them to do it in order to motivate them. In this way, you will foster freedom and independent learning in them.

It is one of the important elements of Montessori school in Kuala Lumpur as their work materials are designed in such a way that children learn them independently. 

Example:- You can create a room designed for them (child-sized tables, desk, cutleries, wardrobe so that they can learn to take out things on their own, get ready by themselves, eat on their own, etc). Help them in the beginning and then ask them to do it later.

They will struggle in the beginning, later they will learn to do it on their own which will develop their fine motor skills, logical reasoning and decision-making skills.

Freedom within limits

Montessori preschools in Malaysia encourage freedom within limits which means letting the child choose their activities based on their interests but setting limits to help them understand what is and isn’t acceptable. 

Example:- If they choose an activity where they are hurting themselves or others, it  would be set as a limitation. Let’s say you take them to the park, you give them the freedom to play whatever they want to but you set a limit that your child should not go beyond the play area or hurt other children. This can be a way of putting limits on their day to day activities. 

In this way, you teach them what is good or bad. 

Slow down

Montessori philosophy practices slowing down where teachers give children enough time to explore things and learn on their own.

Every child is unique and learns at their own pace and so give them enough time and do not force them to rush or interrupt.

Example:- You ask them to draw or paint, give them enough time to do it in their own way and do not interrupt or instruct. Let them take their time to finish the way they want.

Incorporate New Vocabularies

Children learn more when they see and listen to things in their surroundings. Teachers of school in Kuala Lumpur incorporate new words and repeat them more frequently. It is the best way to help them learn communication by using proper words, proper sentences, using vocabulary, etiquettes etc. Don’t just use words, help them understand what it means. Don’t use too big words or words that are difficult to pronounce. 

In the beginning, they will struggle but if you keep using it repeatedly in daily conversation, they will pick up easily and soon they will be using rich and descriptive language in daily life.

Observe your little one

Montessori education is designed based on the observation of children. Every child reacts in a different way. So parents should always observe their children, and should spend a lot of time watching how they interact with different materials as it gives insights into the unique character of a child.

Example: Observe which play or work materials interests them or gives them true joy or which are the ones that frustrates them. You can try to improve it by incorporating certain changes and help them overcome certain challenges. 


The Montessori curriculum and philosophy followed by preschools in Malaysia

are the best environment to give your child in order for them to grow overall and develop all the skills. But providing an environment at home by following certain elements into daily life practices is the best way to nurture children and help them grow into happy confident independent t learners.


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