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Review Of A Gacha Game: GENSHIN IMPACT

It does exactly as it claims. I’m reviewing a gacha I have played. Why? Too much time. This and a crippling gacha obsession are what I can relate to. Once I’ve played/reviewed them, I’ll add them to the collection.

I am not going to criticize fandoms, franchises, or individuals. My honest opinion is based on my experiences with the games and the feedback from fans. You can attack me however you wish. You can attack me in any way you like, but I won’t tolerate conflict.


This review contains notes, a summary, gameplay, and both the positives as well as the negatives of GENSHIN IMPACT.


Although I am aware that I have put this disclaimer, I am still very scared. If you are feeling offended or want to get to work, you can go back to the Summary to read the disclaimer that I made before. Don’t be picky about what you read. You won’t be disappointed!

Summary of the Story

Your twin sibling and you are separated by a god. Your twin is taken by the god while you seal away. 500 years later, you wake up to find your favorite emergency food, Paimon. The next step is to travel through Teyvat in order to find how did mr krabs die your sibling and restore the world. This is just the beginning.


A party can consist of up to four members. There are no restrictions on who or what their Element is. Each character can use Normal, Elemental, and Burst attacks. The strongest attack, Burst, is also known as their Ult. Each character has a different weapon, such as a Polearm, Bow and Sword, Claymore, Catalyst, and a Sword. Genshin is an open-world RPG game that allows you to explore and climb anything and everything.


  • CHARACTER DESIGNS The clothes and designs of all the characters fit perfectly with their nationalities and real-life counterparts. The clothes are intricate and difficult to make, but the results are worth it. Wait a minute, from character clothing, there is another gacha game that gets in my mind “Gacha Neon”. I will definitely review this game in a short time.
  • Open world exploration never gets boring. You can climb almost anything, so you can explore the entire world. 
  • You can invite others to join your world. It’s an easy and pleasant way to make new friends online. You can also chat with them. A fishing buddy was a great friend of mine.
  • Fishing. It is so relaxing and peaceful.
  • It’s quite funny to be able to climb like a monkey. There are two downsides to this: falling or running out of stamina.
  • It is amazing to be able to choose the language that the characters speak. Even though the language options are limited, the voices sound great (Itto’s birthday song is in any language).
  • F2P is possible:
  • The best pity system is because, unless you have EX-ranked luck, your chances of getting that character are greater each time you roll.
  • Is this a mobile game? Genshin is a mobile game that looks better than console games. It’s also available on the Playstation. Add it to your Switch.
  • All Timmie’s pigeons must be killed.
  • I temporarily forgot about the toxic fandom when I saw a bunch of talented artists creating beautiful fan art online.
  • THE MUSIC. Genshin’s music is quite top-notch, whereas most gacha music is a slap. Qingyun Peak’s tranquil and peaceful music is incredible.
  • Again, the music. Listen to the music while you study/work.


  • Why can’t you interact with characters on their pages? I would like to pet Yoimiya’s hair.
  • Exploration and story are interconnected. Genshin’s exploration is my favorite part. I regret it. However, the quests and stories are what make Genshin so great. Childe kicked my shins too many times for me to enjoy the game, and now I know why my friend hates him. This is not a cool game like other Anime games do.
  • When you reach the mid-levels, bosses can be very difficult. My friend had to come and help me with the farm. They hit the strange cube once and made it 3/4 HP.
  • Once you reach the endgame, there is nothing more than waiting for updates and doing dailies. Then, farm for the next shiny SSR.
  • Why are there no skip stories?
  • Low Crit Dmg and high Crit Rate. High Crit Dmg, low Crit rate. It’s almost like eating an ice cream cone without the ice cream.
  • Leaks. Evidently, nobody online knows how to place a spoiler tag before any other thing.
  • If you have been offline for more than a week, it takes 10 years to load your game.
  • Resin.
  • Fandom can be toxic. Find a few cool friends and stay with them. You don’t have to interact with anyone else.
  • The character outfits are a little lacking luster. Although they are all beautiful, it is not something I would want to pay for. The skins are not particularly creative or extraordinary. Some of them are simply recolors.
  • It seems a little waste to have empty buildings, NPCs that you can’t interact with, and NPCs that aren’t even there. It’s already a huge world, so adding a few lines of text to an NPC would make it feel even more real.
  • The cities feel small…
  • Once again, Fandom. Never forget our Anniversary. Although I was not playing Genshin at that time, the App Store affected the games I was currently playing. Although I understand that the anniversary rewards were not great, they were still nice. Calm down. Calm down. You are mad about a fictional game that is also affecting other people.

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You can go to Con and shout a character’s name, and watch how many people look at you. My Genshin friends are not toxic, so I’m thankful. I log in to my computer about once every two months. Then, I teleport into Liyue to walk around and go online. It’s a great idea, especially if there are friends you can play with.

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