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Royal Thames Yacht Club – A club like no other

The hallmark of the Royal Thames Yacht Club is that it is the oldest sailing and sailing club in England. Club members take part in various sailing competitions in the UK and around the world. The London clubhouse is one of the most important centers in the world of shipbuilding.

The history of the Royal Thames Yacht Club dates back to 1775,

When the Duke of Umbria created the “Cumberland Fleet” (another name for the club) after a race on the River Thames. Club members have many privileges, including the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of a clubhouse that offers many amenities, such as comfortable accommodation, a great restaurant, a bar and a reading room.

Royal Thames participates in all kinds of sailing and sailing events around the world, both for the riders involved and for those interested in sailing for fun. Every year, the club organizes several cruise events around the world for the benefit of its members. Some members take part in the hunt for the event, while others rent a boat for the event. Extensive 꽁머니 membership gives you access to sites that aren’t usually available to a single fan.

Of course, the Royal Thames Yacht Club participates in various forms of racing,

Including the famous Cumberland Regatta, and offers matches and racing opportunities. The club is passionate about boating and often competes at home or abroad with clubs in other countries, often in exotic locations such as the Mediterranean and the British Virgin Islands.

Training days are organized for beginners as an initiative of a team trip,

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