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Sampling the Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce

The Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce is a cigar that has fineness baked into its very DNA. Jonathan Drew himself worked on this blend for several years before releasing it.

If you didn’t know, among the stars in Drew Estate’s crown is the creation of premium infused cigars. As they say, the Drew Estate Tabak Especial is more or less equal parts tobacco and equal parts coffee.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s a delicious blend. Here’s what you can expect from a Tabak Especial Dulce.

First Impressions
The cigars in the Drew Estate Tabak Especial line contain a rich blend of select Nicaraguan fillers and binder, including Estelí-grown long-filler. These select tobaccos are carefully, slowly infused with essences of the finest Nicaraguan, estate-grown coffee from Matagalapa and Jiinotega.

The Tabak Especial Dulce is completed with a lustrous, smooth-as-silk Connecticut shade wrapper. These cigars sport excellent, firm construction and glow; there are no imperfections to speak of.

Cold Draw
These cigars are one of a kind, and the divine experience of the smoke begins before even the first light. The cold draw serves up sweet notes of sugar, cocoa, dried fruits, and the telltale sweetness of hay or earth.

Light and First Third
The foot is a little bit shaggy and expands a bit in response to the first light, but these cigars offer excellent construction and draw so you can expect that to even out. Despite the shagginess of the foot, the cigar produces a tight ash once lit.

Once you’ve established the light, you’ll notice a complex blend of spices and sweetness. For a coffee-infused cigar, you might expect a stronger punch of espresso at first light, but that’s not the case. It’s somewhat reserved.

Instead, through the first third, you can enjoy notes of baking spices and sweetness, perhaps with a touch of black pepper and molasses.

Second Third
By the second third, the notes of coffee start to overtake the notes of the spices and sweetness. In the background, there is a generally smooth, buttery nuttiness from the Connecticut shade wrapper

An interesting thing to note is that the coffee notes are not overly powerful, sharp, or bitter like those of black coffee or coffee beans. The essence gives more of a light and sweet coffee than a bitter black blend. This works well with the cigar’s overall sweetness.

Final Third and Reflections
The same notes that developed slightly in intensity through the second third are present through the final third but in truth, the final third is more of the same.

Notes of spice and sweetness, with a little bit of dark chocolate, overarched by smooth, sweet, creamy coffee flavors. That’s the final third. It doesn’t become more intense or burn hot or harsh, though, so the finish to the cigar is somewhat mild and enjoyable.

Try a Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce Yourself
Overall, the Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce is a well-balanced, slightly sweet, smooth cigar with some unique flavors. It is not overly complex and has a relatively mild body. Tabak Especial cigars like this one offer mild to rich tobaccos and great smoke.

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