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Schools in Baner – Why shall you choose the Global Indian International School, GIIS?

A growing research body has shown how school facilities create a profound impact on student and teacher outcomes. The teaching environment matters for most teachers, which in turn can affect their recruitment, retention, effort and commitment. When it comes to students, it impacts behavior, health, engagement, growth, learning and achievement.


Schools in Baner are highly responsive to programs designed for educational delivery as well as provide a physical environment that is safe, comfortable, accessible, secure, well-ventilated, well-illuminated, and aesthetically pleasing. They take prime responsibility for the convenience and safety of students, accompanied by a range of special facilities as mentioned below:


Zero-tolerance policy


When we tolerate, it means we are pushing ourselves to do unwanted things. At GIIS, we don’t allow our expert faculties and children to do. Under no circumstances, the school allows the promotion of bad virtues and an unhealthy environment that can affect the morale and ethical environment. Learning helps children to differentiate between moral and immoral, good and bad, and ethical and unethical factors. GIIS promotes a zero-tolerance policy for the betterment of children and staff.


World-class teaching methods


Teaching is an art and not everyone’s cup of tea. At the Global Indian International School, our teachers are thoroughly trained and know how to make education an interesting and fun-filled activity. We believe in teaching through observations. Children are trained to learn according to their true capabilities and have a clear understanding of the world using their creative perceptions.


Unique learning modules


We know learning can come in any form—through languages, environment, actions, and theories. At GIIS, we focus on exceptional learning modules that enable kids to grow through practical learning and understanding, and not just memorizing.


Overall development


Do you think that the CBSE board just focuses on the educational development of your kid? If so, then you are completely unaware of this board. Of course, theory-based development forms an essential part of children. But development is just not based on education, it comes in the form of a complete package. What your child understands, touches, feels, sees—everything shapes his process of learning. GIIS prefers assisting children to develop and learn through both theoretical and physical ways. You can completely rely on the school authority. We ensure that every kid receives special attention and is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.


Experienced and professional faculties


We know teachers are the foundation of learning. The Global Indian International School houses a group of expert professionals equipped with the best understanding of their domain. GIIS excels in offering outstanding education services due to its strong faculty branches that flourish the fruits of knowledge to every kid.


Parents have endless dreams when it comes to their children. The importance of education in today’s society cannot be ignored! Therefore, decisions need to be well-researched and affirmed. The Global Indian International School can be defined as the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad that provides a unique set of techniques for creating an educative, healthy, and knowledgeable milieu for your children. From the aspect of affordability, the fee structure is affordable. If you are looking for an international preschool near me, without a second thought, you can definitely enroll your kid in GIIS. 


To know about their admission process, contact us today!


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