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We will tell you everything about Gangnam Shirt Room. We provide tips and information that are good to know before going to the shirt room, so I hope you will read it and find it helpful. We promise to provide good information and events in the future.

All about “Gangnam Shirt Room”

What is the shirt room doing?

Shirt Room is a “room shop” that is a variant of the traditional room salon.

In summary, it is a restaurant where you can change from a uniform to a shirt, have a simple greeting time, and enjoy the rest of the time in lover mode if you choose.

In the past, many were operated as lingerie rooms in the form of changing into lingerie, but since 2010, most of them have been operated in the form of 강남 셔츠룸.

That’s why industry people often refer to the shirt room itself as lingerie. – CEO Jo Jung-seok

The standard time for the shirt room is one and a half hours.

As there are many women, their minds are also very different. So, if you choose the sales team well, we will help you choose a woman with the mindset and specifications you want.

Since CEO Jo Jung-seok provides close care services according to the taste and service desired by the customer, the customer satisfaction level is high and the repeat visit rate is high.

When the shirt room choice is difficult?

Choosing can be difficult. There are many women, and there may be many older sisters that I like. In such a case, it is good to trust that CEO Jo Jung-seok and receive a recommendation. You will not regret it and you will have fun!

Shirt Room System Information

  • Choice: Choose your favorite girl among dozens of girls wearing pretty uniforms.
  • Greeting time: After choosing, having a drink and asking basic greetings and questions, the sisters sit on the customer’s lap and change into a shirt after taking off their uniforms (No bra) in front of the customer.
  • Lover Mode: After the greeting service is over, you can have a good time with your partner for the rest of the time. You can expect the warm service in the shirt room.

Gangnam 4 main shirt rooms

Sisa Station Maldives, Gangnam Athena, Seolleung Superstar, Gangnam Hollywood, Again Shirt Room

Maldives Shirt Room:

Near Gangnam Hot Club, there are relatively many young friends who play well.

Sometimes I have friends who are young and of good size, but this is also a blessing.

It may be okay for youngsters entering the shirt room.

Athena Shirt Room:

Located near Gangnam Station, it is easily accessible to both customers and older sisters. There are many salespeople and many customers. So, if you visit the wrong place, you may have to wait a long time due to the waiting time. The size and mind are good, and the older sisters are equally distributed. It is good to choose the right one, but if you choose the wrong one, it can be confusing whether it is a public or a shirt room.

Superstar Shirt Room:

Located at Seolleung Station, the Superstar Shirt Room is a combination of the Prince Shirt Room and the (former) Chocolate Shirt Room. The older sister is on the high side, but the mind and level are on the high side. It can be a good choice when you want to have fun rather than size.

Hollywood Shirt Room:

In Gangnam, it is the longest running shirt room among the current shirt rooms. Customer awareness and trust are also high. The age of the older sisters is mostly in their early to mid 20s, and the frequency of college students who are currently attending school or taking a leave of absence is high. Tencafe’s unnies come often because they are tired. Most of the older sisters have a good size, and the mind is average. It can be a good choice for those who want to make good memories with pretty sisters for the first part of a dinner party or gathering.

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