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Should You Add A Cushion Foundation To Your Makeup Kit?

If you love doing makeup then trying out new products is always an added pressure. There are new launches that one wishes to try all the time. Continuing with the additions to your makeup kit is a cushion foundation that has been recently launched by Korean makeup experts. It is gradually becoming a beauty staple majorly as it has changed the way people perceive foundations. 

Whether you buy a top-notch cushion foundation like Laneige Neo Cushion Matte or a budgeted one, we have compiled an entire list for you to decide whether you should add it to your makeup kit or not. 

Why is Cushion Foundation Making Waves? 

Make-up fans have always admired the K-beauty industry for its innovative, practical, and consumer-friendly products that deliver extraordinary results. From creating life savers like sheet masks and BB creams to now foundations, the real hype lies in the way their products are packaged and offer multiple benefits at the same time.

Carrying forward the legacy is the most recent cushion foundation that comes in a compact case ensuring no product spillage, long wear, and easy application. It also prevents the flaking of makeup and delivers a clean and natural look. 

Before you buy any such foundation, make sure that you buy a brand that provides a sample to do a patch test. Once you’re satisfied only then invest in the full-size product.

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Easy To Apply On Skin

You may have heard that cushion foundation is absolutely essential for achieving a perfectly effortless make-up look. But the truth is that its uniqueness is unlike any traditional powder and liquid foundation that all makeup fanatics have used for years. 

The right way to think about cushion foundation is to consider the benefits to be equivalent to those of a BB or CC cream in compact and portable packaging. It doesn’t require too much setting powder to keep in place and the sponge inside makes it easy to apply upon a gentle press. 

Benefits of Cushion Foundation 

  • Travel-Friendliness – Cushion foundations come in compact packaging which you can fit inside the smallest of handbags and clutches of yours. 
  • Skincare Benefits – IAs it is not just another foundation, cushioning also provides skincare benefits and offers protection from the sun. Some of the cushion foundations also come with anti-aging benefits. 
  • Spill-Proofing – The package comes spill-proof and hence, keeps the container safe from leaking.
  • Smooth Texture – It is composed of a creamy texture that is light on the skin and can be blended easily. 
  • Refillable – A lot of cushion foundations are refillable. This means that you don’t have to carry the guilt of using so many products. A small step toward making our environment clean again. 
  • Anti-Bacteria – The sponges inside cushion foundations are designed to be anti-bacterial and as a result are also packaged in airtight containers.

If you want to buy the best cushion foundation for yourself, try out Sensoo Skincare right away.

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