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Should You Use a Dog Ovulation Test?

Serious dog breeders know just how much value a dog ovulation test can provide. If your livelihood depends on dog breeding, it’s a must-have dog breeding essential. But just what exactly is a dog ovulation test, and how does it work? Most importantly, is it a tool you absolutely need if you’re going to breed dogs?

What Is a Dog Ovulation Test?
The purpose of a dog ovulation test kit is to more accurately identify the female dog’s period of standing heat so that you can more accurately determine when you should administer a progesterone test, and more importantly when you should attempt breeding.

Many canine ovulation kits take a sample of the mucus in the female dog’s lower reproductive tract. The test analyzes the mucus and changes in mucus discharge that are indicators of changes in hormones that can cause them.

An ovulation test will give you an idea of the best time to run a progesterone test to determine progesterone levels (that is, close to the period of standing heat during ovulation). By furnishing breeders with insight into a dog’s actual ovulation cycle, these tests can eliminate some of the guesswork surrounding breeding, reducing stress on dogs and improving the odds of a successful pregnancy.

How It Improves the Chances of Successful Pregnancy
A dog ovulation test kit will help you get a better understanding of the dog’s ovulation cycle and can help you predict the standing heat period without having to rely on less accurate indicators like vaginal discharge and how the female interacts with and accepts males.

Traditional, visible signs of heat are not always accurate indicators of progesterone levels. Moreover, relying on the female’s acceptance of males is not the ideal way to identify the female’s most fertile period. Early breeding is unsuccessful and overbreeding increases the female’s chance of uterine infection and also can cause a drop in sperm count among the males.

The use of a dog ovulation test makes it easier to predict ovulation with greater accuracy, which may also mean you will need to administer fewer progesterone tests on the female.

Overall, using a dog ovulation test to pinpoint target canine ovulation can lower stress on your dog’s save you time and money, and most importantly, increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.

Dog Ovulation Tests and More Essential Dog Breeding Supplies at MR Diagnostic!
Whether you’re looking for an ovulation test to predict the timing of ovulation or you need a test to detect the levels of the hormone progesterone to determine a female’s ability to support pregnancy, MR Diagnostic, at, has all the dog breeding supplies you’ll need, and the experience to back it up.

If you have questions about their different ovulation and progesterone tests or about what else you can do to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy, reach out to their customer support team for help. You can learn more on their website or contact them for assistance.

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