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Should Your Business Switch to Cloud PBX?

If your business is growing and you need to implement IP integration in order to achieve greater efficiency in your workflow, switching to a Cloud PBX is one way to achieve this. A Cloud PBX or hosted PBX is an easy VoIP-based phone service that s hosted by a qualified third-party service provider. It enables you to make international calls through the Internet very easily, cost-effectively, and simultaneously connect with customers, staff, and clients around the world. The basic premise behind Cloud PBX is to centralize your call processing functions so that all your functions, from scheduling to sales to technical support can be handled by one set of administrators at any time. In the current business environment, where clients are a world away and customers do not wish to wait for long delays in receiving answers to calls, having a Cloud PBX solution is extremely important.

Cloud PBX providers offer hosted IP telephony systems, which consist of professional answering machines as well as video and voice conferencing features. These hosted IP telephony systems allow you to conduct business even when you are away from your office or are on temporary leave. Most Cloud services allow you to create and manage a variety of extensions based on your unique business requirements. These applications include conference calling, call forwarding, recording of phone conversations, automatic redial, and more. Many Cloud providers also provide advanced reporting and inventorying tools, as well as workflow management tools and reporting software.

However, the benefits of switching your business to a Cloud PBX far outweigh the minor risks of using such a phone system. One of the major advantages is cost. As opposed to an on-premise phone system, installing a Cloud PBX involves no investments in property or equipment. Also, Cloud PBX equipment requires virtually no maintenance. All telecommunications expenses are managed via the Cloud, reducing the need for extensive desk phone services.

Another advantage of Cloud PBXs is scalability. Unlike on-premise phone systems, which are generally limited in the number of extensions and phone numbers that can be connected, Cloud-hosted phone systems allow an unlimited number of connections. You can add or remove any number of extensions at any time. This allows you to adjust your system to accommodate any increase in customer traffic. You can also scale down your Cloud PBX system to accommodate any fluctuation in traffic, without incurring any additional costs.

On the other hand, switching to a Cloud PBX from an on-premise PBX solution requires purchasing new hardware and software. You will also incur additional costs related to installation and support. Also, if you’re not familiar with complex phone calls, switching to Cloud PBXs will likely require significant training. If you already operate several different phone numbers, adding them to the Cloud PBX will require some training, as well.

Should your company branch out into different locations, or should you want to expand your business? Cloud-based phone service provides an excellent solution for both. Switching from on-premise to Cloud PBX, for instance, allows your current employees to handle calls made within their specific areas of responsibility while simultaneously permitting you to easily add employees and clients from another location. If your business receives more calls than it can comfortably handle, switching your phone system to a Cloud-based system ensures that your customers’ calls are handled efficiently.

Does your company have significant investments in teleconferencing? A Cloud-based phone system provides the ultimate inconvenience. With hosted phone systems, you can create extensions and immediately make available fax, phone number, and conferencing services. These services work exactly like those offered on traditional phone services, allowing customers and employees to communicate with one another no matter the location. Switching to a Cloud-based system ensures that all customers’ communications are securely routed, with no risk of unauthorized phone calls entering the company’s internal networks.

In addition to handling all of your customer calls and faxes, should you desire a mobile workforce, switching over to a Cloud-based PBX system ensures that your employees can take their work anywhere they might need to go? Switching to a hosted PBX phone services provider means that your employees can access their own dedicated PBX equipment from any location, saving you money and valuable desk space. In addition to a portable means of communication, switching to Cloud-based phone services also means that your employees can easily switch their phone numbers around should they want to. Hosted PBX equipment makes it simple to coordinate between different departments and offices.


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