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Some Moms Take Their Babies To The Chiropractor, But Not Everyone Thinks It’s Safe.

A chiropractor hangs a baby upside-down from her legs in a TikTok with 2.4 million likes. He holds her hair in a bow around her head and occasionally places her on his lap to peekaboo. He audibly but gently cracked her neck and back during the visit — known in chiropractic as an adjustment — while continuing to smile.

Kevin Clevenger uploaded this video. It is one of the most dramatic examples of a young child receiving a chiropractic adjustment. You can find thousands upon thousands of videos on Instagram and TikTok of babies getting chiropractic adjustments. However, not all people agree that these treatments are suitable.

Chiropractor videos with adults have been viral on social media. The adjustments and the resulting cracks are “satisfying” or “relaxing.” However, as more people share videos of infants being adjusted by chiropractors, the reactions have become more divided. Some people have called the practice “snake oil” and “quackery”, while others, especially in the “crunchy moms” Instagram community, strongly recommend it, regardless of what the critics say.

Clevenger has shared his experiences with alternative health remedies such as cold pl plunges or plasma injections. He told BuzzFeed News that Clevenger’s daughter was happier after the adjustment. She now visits a chiropractor once per month. Clevenger said that while he expected people would be critical of the video, almost everyone who had negative comments about it had never experienced it.

We spoke to chiropractors who said the treatments are gentle enough for children of all ages. However, not all doctors and chiropractors believe adjustments are appropriate for all babies.

Dr Lindsay Pelley, a pediatric chiropractor at the University of Western States Health Center, said that most people fear chiropractic care. There are very few risks if you go to a pediatric chiropractor. This is a gentle and conservative way to improve the quality of life for both mom and baby with minimal intervention.

Pelley stated that baby manipulations involve only sustained pressure to misaligned joint joints that are “just sufficient to bruise a tomato.” So very rarely will you hear any cracks or pops? However, babies may shed a few tears due to discomfort. She said that while some babies may feel sore, it is scarce if the doctor uses the best pediatric practices.

For various reasons, parents and caregivers bring their babies to chiropractors. Torticollis is a common condition that affects babies who are born with a twisted neck or have it later. Plagiocephaly is a condition that can lead to flattening of the head and face on one side. It can be treated. According to Dr Kimberly Nelson, Northern Nevada Chiropractic, stiffness can cause problems breastfeeding or spinal pain.

According to chiropractors, babies can experience a lot of trauma during birth. It’s not easy to squeeze through the vaginal canal, especially if the baby isn’t in the right place. There are other issues babies have to deal with. Chiropractors published case reports on treatments for toddlers and infants with conditions unrelated to their muscles and joints. These include ear infections, constipation and sleep difficulties.

Keep in mind, however, that a case report cannot prove that a treatment works. You need to conduct a placebo-controlled study. In 2001, a randomized study in Archives of Disease in Childhood found that chiropractic treatment was not better than a placebo for infant colic. The placebo was a study that used a nurse to hold the infants rather than a chiropractor. According to parents, 60% of infants in both the placebo and control groups experienced improvement. It is likely because placebos, which are support or help for caregivers of colicky infants who were also given counselling as part of this study, can be an effective treatment.

Sometimes, parents looking for holistic care may be tempted to look into natural remedies. See homoeopathy and raw milk. Essential oils. Chiropractic adjustments can also be considered. The worst-case scenario is when parents are unable to accept modern medicine. It was evident during the push for COVID-19 vaccines and the new, pro-freedom version of the anti-vax movement.

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