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Specialty of Sofa Cotton Throw

The most excellent thing about cotton throws is that they are weaved with organic cotton fabric. The use of pure stuff makes the sofa cotton throw the most admired entity at home for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. People are fond of cotton throw blankets as they can be used all through the year. Here are a few significant things that affect the choice of cotton throws:

Size of The Throw

Size is an imperative aspect to think of while purchasing a throw so that you can spread or drape around at ease. The cotton throws are available in both king as well as queen sizes. Get the one that you can use on your sofa, bed, table, and couch as well. The sofa throws are a stylish and decent way to protect the surface of your sofa. Moreover, it transforms the entire look of your room.


This is another aspect to take care of at the time to choose a throw. It is a good thing that all cotton and linen materials offer both waffle weave and cirrus organic cotton throws. The cirrus sofa throws are also textured and have flaccid tassels. The tassel is a fabric that adds to the visual look of your home décor. Whichever cotton throws for the sofa you pick for your home, they all are super soft. This will make you want to sit back on the sofa and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book.

Resourceful Use

A throw blanket not only adds warmth, decor and elegance to your home besides this they are also versatile. You can leave it on the sofa to give your living room a sporty and contemporary look. You can also spread your throw on a stool or a small table. In addition, to use a cotton throw on the sofa you can also make use of them on your bed when you need to relax. You can use it as a bed blanket or a separate bedspread. Once you made your bed, finish it with a cotton throw and give your bedroom a cozy and snug look. What is more, a throw also looks good and useful in a kid’s play area. The child will love the soft feel and this is safe for a baby because of organic cotton and natural colors. Cotton sofa throws can also be carried for picnics, weekend trips, and holidays because of their lightweight property.

Designs & Colors

This is a breathable article to give a modern look to your home. You can find cotton throws in soothing colors which aid in relaxation. Few throws are bright in color like midnight blue. You can find a nice collection of a mixture of bright, neutral, and light colors. Make use of throw blankets without worry as they are reusable, sturdy, and machine washable. Though the cotton throws seem to be delicate, they can last long with basic care and maintenance. You can machine wash the cotton throws in water at normal temperature.

Match with Your Home Decor

This is an important perspective that needs to be looked into while buying a cotton throw for sofa. Make the perfect decor for your room for which you are buying a throw. By doing this, you can create an ideal care package. Consider your living space first and then select a throw that complements it. You can use complementary colors or can match them with your existing furniture.  In case you are planning to give a cotton throw as a gift to one of your dear ones. Then at first, consider the preference and style of that person and then choose accordingly. If you are not sure of their style and choice then consider a color that matches all kinds of atmosphere. This is a perfect gift that your dear one will treasure for years to come.

What should be the perfect size for a sofa cotton throw blanket?

This is the speciality of throw blankets that come in a few sizes. In addition, they also cannot be typically categorized in the same way that a regular blanket is. As you know, blankets for the bedroom come in a variety of sizes and designs that can fit in the bed for each size. A cotton sofa throw is often intended to stand out, they do not fully cover the sofa or bed, so their sizes don’t correlate exactly. This gives you much more freedom to make your style to design a sofa with a throw.

The average size of a cotton throw is 50 inches by 60 inches or 127cm by 152.4cm. Not all the throws are of the same size. You can find diverse sizes according to your dimensions. As now is the trend of queen or king size beds or sofa of 5 to 7 seats. Thus, throws also come with large dimensions of 90 inches by 94 inches or 228 cm by 238 cm. You can also find a throw of 60″ by 80″ that is a standard dimension for a sofa with 5 to 7 seats. 


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