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Sports Broadcast Competition

[HKTV25] Domestic online video services (OTT) are strengthening sports broadcasting contents. It is trying to attract new customers by digging into the real-time sports broadcasting area that Netflix does not. It is evaluated that sports can attract new customers and enjoy the customer lock-in effect because it has fixed fans.

Wave will broadcast all the matches of the 2022 professional baseball KBO league, which will start on April 2nd. The live broadcast of the practice game that started on the 3rd started, and the demonstration game scheduled for the 12th will also be aired. You can check player records and team power comparison data through live broadcast with Wave Professional Baseball, and it also provides a multi-channel where you can view up to 5 screens of other stadiums together. In particular, not only paid members but also free members can enjoy the video without watching a pre-advertisement before the video starts.

For the season of KT (030200), a sports pavilion was prepared.

By separating the sports hall in the upper menu, sports channels that were dispersed in the existing real-time TV menu can be gathered and viewed in one place. As the main menu, schedules, real-time games, and upcoming games are exposed so that you can focus on only sports without overlapping with other content and without unnecessary movement.

Teabing also continued sports content with the Asian Football Federation (AFC) Women’s Asian Cup broadcast in January and the 2022 Australian Open, one of the world’s four major tennis tournaments, followed by the French Open in May, the U-23 Asian Cup in June, and the Bundesliga. It is presented Coupang Play will also exclusively 스포츠중계 live the final qualifying game of the Korean national tennis team, which aims to advance to the Davis Cup finals on the 4th and 6th of this month. In July, Tottenham will be invited to broadcast two games of the Coupang Play series planned by Coupang Play.

OTT companies see sports broadcasting as an opportunity to attract new users.

Sports are a new content area where the number of subscribers can be expanded because there are many users who find and watch sports like original content. Due to the nature of OTT where users frequently leave, it is also used as a means of securing fixed viewers. This is because sports often have fixed fans. As the TV usage rate is declining and more users are looking for OTT, some view it as a phenomenon that sports, which used to be the main content of TV, naturally move to OTT. According to the results of the 2021 broadcast media usage behavior survey announced by the Korea Communications Commission, about 20% of OTT users mainly watch sports content (duplicate responses).

The industry predicts that the competition for exclusive sports broadcasting by OTTs will intensify in order to differentiate content and secure new subscribers in the future. It means that the sports sector will compete competitively for exclusive broadcasting just as it is trying to secure subscribers with original content. However, in this case, it is necessary to pay attention not to infringe on the universal viewing right, which is the right of all citizens to watch major events of high public interest, such as the Olympics and the World Cup. A broadcasting industry official said, “Under the Broadcasting Act, universal viewing rights apply only to terrestrial and pay-TV channels.

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