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Sports Broadcasting Rights In Korean

When it comes to television rights to broadcast football in our country, the rivalry is fierce. Currently, the most important matches are divided between four TV stations. These are:

  • Canal+Sport;
  • Hulk-TV Sport;
  • Eleven Sports;
  • TVP Sport;

Of course, we will find more of them on the market, but these are the main players in the football market. Each of the above has several channels on which they broadcast matches and they are crowded with football fans every weekend. However, legal bookmakers also have the right to show certain matches. For example, STS or Fortuna have the option of showing the match to the user who bet on it. They will also be included in our ranking.

Champions League live broadcasts

There is no doubt that the Champions League games are the most popular in terms of viewership. Most people are interested in it, so it’s no wonder that showing Champions League matches is a dream for every station.

Where to watch the Champions League?

During the last tender, Hulk-TV presented the best offer, which can broadcast all matches of the Champions League and the Europa League by the end of the 2020/2021 season. So if we dream about watching matches in European cups, this is the direction we should look in. However, keep in mind that the Champions League-dedicated channels are premium channels, so an additional fee may be required if they are not included in the TV packages.

It is also possible to use the services of Telewizja Polska. One match of the queue is 스포츠중계 on the open TVP television and everyone has access to it, thanks to the TVP Sport website. As a rule, this is the most interesting match of a given series of Champions League matches, so fans who like to watch football in an international edition from time to time should be satisfied. Watching a Champions League match for free is an interesting proposition and you should definitely keep it in mind. The rights to the Champions League and Europa League are granted until the end of the 2020/2021 season.

Ekstraklasa live broadcasts

According to the research, the Polish league has the highest viewership. The broadcasts of the Ekstraklasa games attract a much larger number of fans than any of the foreign leagues. It is interesting because we often hear a lot of complaints about the level of our domestic games, and yet they are the most watched anyway.

Where to watch Ekstraklasa matches?

Canal + Sport are interested in broadcasting all matches of the Polish league. So if you want to know what’s going on in your home country, it’s best to equip yourself with the Canal + package, which will make it possible for you? When it comes to prices, they are created differently depending on the services of the providers, but the positive thing is that almost all of them have Canal + Sport in their offer.

As in the case of the Champions League, TVP Sport also cut its piece of cake. They were able to broadcast one Ekstraklasa match in each league round, so you can also watch the most interesting matches in the open band or on the TVP Sport website. This is certainly information that will interest fans who want to watch the Polish league for free. It is necessary to know what is going on in Polish football if you want to talk about it later, so every football fan in Korean should consider both options. Both Canal Plus and TVP Sport can show Ekstraklasa matches until the end of the 2022/2023 season. Make long-term bets on the Ekstraklasa and increase your emotions while watching the matches of our league.


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