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The Best AR15 Brass Catcher: Solving a Problem Associated with Covering the Ejection Port Properly

Let’s talk about what brass catchers do before we can try to qualify the best AR15 brass catcher. They catch brass. That’s basically the main function.

It’s bad enough with a brass catcher is difficult to empty, incompatible with a popular cartridge, or exhibits any other sort of inadequacy. It’s downright unacceptable when a brass catcher just doesn’t catch brass.

But this is something that happens, and all too often at that. So why is it the case that some brass catchers just won’t work as intended, even when mounted properly and used with platforms and cartridges with which they are compatible?

Take some of those mesh bag brass catchers with wire frames that mount to the handguard or some Pic rail section on the rifle.

These brass catchers have an oblong opening at one end of the mesh bag, held erect by the wire frame of the device. These can be swung over and away from the ejection port to capture brass as needed.

There is a problem with this design, unfortunately. As it mounts elsewhere on the gun, there is always a bit of a gap between the catcher and the ejection port.

Brass is typically ejected at a slightly upward angle away from and out of the ejection. Because of the gap created by the mesh catcher’s wire frame, sometimes the brass gets stuck between it and the rifle.

More often, the brass hits it and then falls out through the gap at the bottom or in the front, between the catcher and the rifle.

In both cases, you have a brass catcher that effectively is not doing what it’s supposed to do. How could you reasonably call a design like that the best AR15 brass catcher?

Some shooters have solved the problem themselves, at least for the most part. If you scour the forums, you’ll find a few instances of shooters mentioning they just bent the wire ejection point cover frame into a more amenable shape.

Evidently, that helps the brass catcher do a better job of, you know, catching brass.

Apparently, that’s good enough for some shooters. It wasn’t good enough for the folks at Magwell Mounts.

This flaw may not have been the pivotal one that sent them to the drawing board to create a better brass catcher, but they did it anyway.

The Brass Goat they developed is not made from heat-resistant mesh. It is made of solid, molded resin and completely covers the ejection port.

It will not jam when mounted properly and used with compatible cartridges. Unlike “heat-resistant nylon,” it won’t melt or catch fire on contact with hot brass casings.

It has a slim profile and will not obstruct the sight picture while target shooting like some other rail-mounted brass catchers on the market.

Instead of the zipper at the bottom of the bag, the Brass Goat is compatible with a removable hopper that makes it even easier to empty spent brass.

Forget Picatinny rail mounting. This shell catcher is easy to attach to the magwells of mil-spec AR-15 lowers and no tools are required.

Want to learn more about this high-quality AR-15 brass catcher and how superior heat resistant materials, design and mounting methods in a brass trap can make capturing spent casings go more reliably?

Visit or check up on Brass Goat Compatibility. The answers are right there.

For more information about Casing Catcher Please visit: Magwell Mounts, LLC.

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